Veterans, Active-Duty Military and Their Families get a Taste of DeSoto’s Appreciation

DeSoto employees by In N Out mobile kitchen
Serving those who serve! DeSoto teams up w/In-N-Out Burger to honor our Defenders! Photo courtesy City of DeSoto

DeSoto Says Thank You To Veterans With Burgers From In-N-Out

This past Saturday Kristin and I attended a drive through Veterans Affairs Committee appreciation event for DeSoto area Veterans, Active Duty Military, and their families. In-N-Out Burger generously provided cheeseburgers, chips and drinks for everyone who came to the event. Cars began lining up before 3:45 in anticipation.

Man directs traffic at DeSoto City Hall
Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Russell L. Hooper, Chair of DeSoto’s Veterans Affairs Committee,
attempts to navigate heavy traffic before the burgers were dispersed. Photo courtesy City of DeSoto.

There were so many cars snaked around the narrow service road and roundabout on the East Side of DeSoto’s City Hall that organizers opened up the chow line early to ease the traffic jam and cut short the tantalizing wait for our hungry heroes.

Mayor Proctor under In N Out mobile kitchen tent
DeSoto Mayor Rachel Proctor greeted and thanked all of our honored guests before they departed. Photo courtesy City of DeSoto.

Above & Beyond

“DeSoto loves and appreciates our Veterans and Active Duty Military residents, and we try to express our thanks to them every chance we get, but on Saturday night we did so with cheeseburger meals cooked and served on-site by In-N-Out Burger,” noted DeSoto Mayor Rachel L. Proctor who pointed out that In-N-Out Burger went well over the originally projected 200 meals that were prepared on-site and donated by the California based hamburger chain.

“We appreciate the fact that In-N-Out Burger set up their mobile restaurant in our parking lot and gave their time, efforts, and burgers to those who defended us. It was a kind and welcomed gesture to our nation’s protectors who have taken the risks and paid the price to keep us all free.”

I remember when In-N-Out applied for their permit to come to the area how excited many “California transplants” were. For years I had heard about from so many west coast friends that In N Out provided the best burgers that were available anywhere. Little did I suspect that the local outlet would become so involved in the community they would sponsor many events like this one after their grand opening many years ago.

In addition to providing the venue and the volunteers, the City of DeSoto and its Veterans Affairs Committee provided goodie bags for the younger members attending the drive-through appreciation event. City manager Brandon Wright passed a football back and forth with one of the councilmember’s children.

City Manager Brandon Wright with City Council members
DeSoto City Manager Brandon Wright (center) masters the art of the selfie with DeSoto
Mayor Pro Tem Nicole Raphiel (left) and our newest City Councilmember Crystal Chism (right). Photo courtesy City of DeSoto.

Great Weather, Great Turn Out

This was the second year in a row that In-N-Out Burger set up its mobile restaurant in DeSoto City Hall’s Parking lot and it appears that a slightly larger number of veterans and the active-duty military attended, possibly due to the better weather (it was pouring rain last year) improving regional COVID situation.

It is so refreshing to see businesses like In-N-Out and civic organizations like the DeSoto Veterans Affairs Committee supporting veterans and returning service people like the heroes they are, for putting their lives on the line to protect our country and our citizens. Kudos to DeSoto and the employees for volunteering their time on a weekend to show appreciation. We enjoyed seeing the smiling faces of City Council members, Chief of Police, Communications Director, City Manager, Mayor and more.

Matt Smith takes photos
Matt Smith captures the event with his phone camera

To learn more about DeSoto’s Veterans Affairs Committee visit their webpage at For more about the In-N-Out Burger Company’s philanthropic efforts visit