Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Lancaster Senior Hopes To Change The World Through Engineering

LANCASTER—Should folks ever wonder about the success story of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) Learning Experience at Lancaster ISD they need look...
early cancer detection

3-D Complete Body Screening = Early Cancer Detection

Innovation Wednesdays: Week 7 Early Cancer Detection DIANA D’AMARI and DARREL JOHNSON: We are wondering why investigative journalists and agencies are not revealing this waste of...

Crosetto Touts 3D-CBS Innovative Efficiency

Innovation Wednesdays: Week 6 DIANA D’AMARI and DARREL JOHNSON: What is the difference between the other approaches and your invention in filtering the desired sought...

Suppression And ‘The Semmelweis Effect’

Innovation Wednesdays: Week 5 DIANA D’AMARI and DARREL JOHNSON: What is the Department of Energy doing with the 400 pages you gave them? CROSETTO: Apparently, they destroyed...
Glenn Heights Action Center

Glenn Heights Launches Glenn Heights Action Center Mobile App

Residents Can Now Place Civic Requests With Ease GLENN HEIGHTS—When residents of ­the city of Glenn Heights, Texas see a downed tree, a dead animal...

3D-Flow Technology Touts Economy, Functionality

Innovation Wednesdays: Week 4 DIANA D’AMARI and DARREL JOHNSON: Is your 3D-Flow invention just a theoretical concept or how can you prove it works? CROSETTO: The proof...
3-d flow opra

Crosetto Confronts Modern Day Suppression

Innovation Wednesdays: Week 3 DIANA D’AMARI and DARREL JOHNSON: Moving on, it is inconceivable that in 2017, the scientific community is making the same...
3d Flow boards

Mis-Application Of Taxpayer Money In Science

Innovation Wednesdays: Week 2 DD & DJ: Before addressing the lifesaving application of your invention, you mentioned that it can save hundreds of millions of...
3-d complete body screening imaging particle physics

Residents Seek Answers On Life-Saving Cancer Technology

Editor's Note: In February 2017, a Focus Daily News feature compared the plight of DeSoto Scientist Dario Crosetto to that of 1850s German physician Dr....
Hello Egg facial expressions

Hello Egg Offers Smart Help In The Kitchen

At CES 2017, the startup tech company RnD64 unveiled the smart kitchen assistant Hello Egg and the Eggspert app. Together the assistant and app...