Tile Partners With HP, No More Lost Laptops

HP partners with Tile

Tile & HP Make It Easier To Keep Up With Your Laptop

MOM, have you seen my ______________? Insert everything from shoes, backpack, toys, to laptop! If you feel like you’re constantly searching for a lost item, Tile might have been on your Christmas wish list. On Sunday, Tile announced a collaboration with HP, a PC industry leader, to release the first laptop with Tile built-in. Now, your laptop will be one less thing on the “lost and found” list.

Tile-Enabled Laptop is Findable Even When Offline or Powered Down

Starting early 2020, the HP Elite Dragonfly will feature Tile’s finding technology as an option, allowing customers to use their Tile app to look for their lost or misplaced laptops, view the last place it was seen, and activate Tile’s finding network for assistance should the device be lost beyond Bluetooth range. The feature works even if the HP laptop is offline or when powered off.

“This announcement with HP comes at a time when Tile is rapidly expanding our embedded business,” said CJ Prober, CEO of Tile. “We are pleased to innovate alongside industry leaders to make valuable, everyday devices like laptops findable.”

In a recent global survey, nearly half of respondents said they have left home without their laptop in the past year, making them late to work and disrupting their day. Today’s announced Tile and HP collaboration brings finding power to all of the places laptop users go, saving time and empowering the everyday﹣in fact, 72 percent said the ability to locate their lost or misplaced laptop would be very or extremely valuable.

The integration will work using a new Tile Windows app on the HP Elite Dragonfly and the user’s Tile mobile app. The Tile-enabled Dragonfly boasts a finding range and ringing features similar to Tile’s most powerful hardware.

HP’s new Elite Dragonfly will be available via HP’s website in February, but pricing has not been announced.

About Tile

Tile gives everything the power of smart location, locating more than six million unique items every day. Tile’s cloud-based finding platform helps people find the things that matter to them most. The company is based in San Mateo, CA and is backed by Francisco Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, and GGV Capital.