Lancaster Senior Hopes To Change The World Through Engineering


LANCASTER—Should folks ever wonder about the success story of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) Learning Experience at Lancaster ISD they need look no further than one 12th grader Trevor Johnson.

Lancaster STEM Learning Experience Success

Lancaster Independent School District Spokesperson Jacquinette Murphy, said Johnson’s STEM experience got him a feature on the Texas Instruments (TI) high profile technology blog Think. Innovate.

“The internal goal for Texas Instruments is to find him an Engineering mentoring opportunity as well as showcase the first rate learning occurring in Lancaster,” explains Murphy.

Trevor’s mother, Charlene Johnson said her son was chosen for the blog after an interview with the company.

At 17-years-old, the Lancaster High School senior is looking forward to upcoming opportunities with the tech giant. That’s thanks in part to not only being featured on the blog, but also his STEM experiences.

Without a doubt he says his time within the STEM Learning experience has proven to be quite successful.

“Hopefully the partnership of TI and LISD will continue so that other students will have opportunities to be exposed to all aspects of engineering,” Mrs. Johnson said.

Overall, Trevor’s goal is to be in the engineering field according to his mother.

“He has so many talents so his choices are endless. But I do know that this is something he really loves,” she adds.

Texas Instruments’ Commitment

The Lancaster STEM Learning Experience is a district wide program designed to boost students’ interest in science and math.

Johnson says the classes offered through the STEM program and the engineering club at Lancaster High School are quite strong.

“The engineering club at the high school started out with a small group, but has grown each year that my son has been a part of it.”

In 2012. Lancaster ISD reformed itself into a STEM District. Lancaster educators focused on the teaching of STEM subjects to prepare students for post-secondary success.

“The TI Foundation has a long history of investing to improve STEM education in the North Texas region. Working with Educate Texas and LISD, we have the opportunity to launch a comprehensive effort focused on STEM across an entire school district. We’ve set the groundwork in place to do that, and LISD has the commitment of its entire community. We’re proud to support their efforts,” said Sam Self, chairman of the TI Foundation board of directors. “We expect the success and outcomes in LISD will serve as a model for replication at other school districts throughout Texas.”

The Texas Instrument blog post featuring Trevor Johnson.