Art Park Opening in Trinity Groves in June

Art Park opens in Trinity Groves
Trinity Groves

Art Park, an exciting new addition to Trinity Groves, is a scenic outdoor beer garden that opens this June. Trinity Groves has been a popular destination dining location since its opening in 2013. They offer an array of different foods and beverages with restaurant concepts that range from Chinese to Tex-Mex and New York-style Italian food.

The new Art Park is a fenced-off, dedicated outdoor section for guests to enjoy happy hour or anytime beverages with family and friends. Art Park takes over the old parking lot that runs along Singleton Blvd. in West Dallas. The space has been transformed into an all-day hangout that features artificial grass, brightly colored tables and chairs, and almost 30 TV sets. Guests are able to enjoy local sports on TV, or just relax and take in the great views of Downtown Dallas skyline and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

Talented West Dallas street artists were invited to decorate the park with graffiti murals. The artists were given free rein to adorn the walls with their signature styles and vibrant tags. The park is uncovered, but newly planted trees and umbrellas provide plentiful shade.

Art Park Menu

The Art Park offers beer, wine and cocktails along with frozen drinks. A converted shipping container bar serves frozen Daquiris and other cool-down summer treats. The drinks are complemented by a menu of delicious bar food from Trinity Groves’ corporate chef Jay Valley. The festival type menu includes Hoffman Hots hot dogs, burgers, chicken wings, fries, and onion rings. Spaghetti O fritters served with spicy Italian red sauce are also on the garden bar meets the Texas State Fair-styled menu.

Art Park opens in Trinity Groves
Trinity Groves

Food for Art Park guests is served out of the former Off Site Kitchen restaurant, which is being updated to serve a variety of delicious food. In addition to the Art Park’s on-site restaurant, guests are able to order and pick up food from any of the Trinity Groves restaurants. Everyone gets to eat exactly what they want, whether that’s a burger and fries, pasta from Saint Rocco’s, or tacos from Beto & Son.

“Trinity Groves already has a lot to offer diners, but we’ve always wanted to anchor the space with a comfortable place where people could hang out all day long, enjoying food, drinks and fresh air, whether or not they’re eating at one of our other restaurants,” says owner Phil Romano. “Art Park is the culmination of that idea, and it brings a wholly new concept to Trinity Groves and West Dallas.”

Art Park is slated to open by June 2021. Trinity Groves is located at 3015 Gulden Lane. For more information, please visit

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