Texans, Track Your Vote Online!

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Make Sure Your Ballot Has Been Counted

So far there’s been record turnout in the state of Texas which would be impressive in any election year, but especially during a pandemic. According to the Texas Tribune, through Oct. 26, 7.8 million people, or 46% of registered voters, had cast their ballots.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins recognizes the importance of voting and is sharing an Online Tool for Tracking Mail-In Ballots.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins encourages every voter who used the absentee/mail in option for this election to check the status of the ballot with a new online tool provided to Texas voters.

The nonprofit Vote America has released their online tool this month to track the ballots as they are arriving at elections offices across the state.

Contact Elections Department With Concerns/Issues

“By tracking your ballot status today, you can see if your vote has been counted,” said Judge Jenkins. “If the system shows the ballot has not yet been received, you can contact the Elections Department to see what options remain before Tuesday.

Ballots that have not been received do not mean they have been lost. If you still have your mail ballot and want to mail it; do that ASAP. Voters can also drop completed ballots off at Dallas Elections Headquarters at 1520 Round Table Drive, Dallas, Texas, 75247 or take it to the polling place to have it cancelled and vote in person. If the requested mail ballot never arrived, please call (214) 819-6359 to have the ballot cancelled or resent or vote in person. Also, voting in person provisionally is allowed and that vote will be counted if the mail ballot does not arrive.

The nonprofit chose to operate txballot.org as a courtesy to voters because the State of Texas does not provide this type of transparent system to its own voters. With Dallas County shattering its own Early Vote records and three days remaining before Election Day, Jenkins says voters need the confidence of knowing their vote is part of this historic turnout.

“Democracy works best when everyone participates and this tool ensures that our voters who chose to vote by mail can know their vote has been counted.”