Ellis County Posts Ballots Received Nightly – Here is How to Check Yours!

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You Can Check The Status Of Your Mail In Ballot In Ellis County

We have already been getting questions from people wanting to know that their mail in ballots have been received in Ellis County.

We emailed our contacts at the Elections Department and they instantly replied that this is indeed possible.

Those wanting to check can simply click on http://www.co.ellis.tx.us/629/Upcoming-Elections and when the website comes up, then click on “Returned Ballots by Mail Roster Report.”

We did this and within seconds a report came up showing that 316 ballots had already been returned, along with the names of those who returned their ballots.

Those wanting information on all polling locations, early voting dates and times and all other information concerning the elections in Ellis and Dallas counties can check Sunday Focus Daily News edition from October 6, 2020.

Further information is available on Ellis County Elections Facebook page as well. It says “If you’re already registered, you can check your registration and even make some updates online. visit: http://www.co.ellis.tx.us/740/Voter-Registration-Information

Regardless of where you live in Texas you can check your voter registration status at (prepare yourself – this is a very long web address:

You can check for all of the below things at that website:
• Voter registration status
• Poll location
Early voting locations
• Registration information
• Key Election Dates

For information in Dallas County go to https://www.dallascountyvotes.org/.

Dallas County voters can check the status of their mail in ballots online as well, at this link dallascountyvotes.org/early-voting-reports/?election_code=1120-00#FullEarlyVotingResults. As of 10/9/2020 Dallas County has received 19,792 mail in ballots.

For the July elections a number of citizens found that their votes had not been counted because they allegedly were never received by the elections office.

Some of these citizens got their mail in ballot returned to them via the postal service and others heard nothing “until it was too late.”

It is very reassuring to know that Ellis County is “on top of the situation” by posting when the ballots have been received. We would recommend that all citizens mail in their ballots early, regardless of where they live, or drop off their ballots at a recommended drop off point. Those who live in Ellis County should check to insure their ballot was actually received.

Those delivering their ballot in person need to remember they must bring an acceptable form of identification with them to the drop off point.

Under the Governor’s emergency proclamation, voters may hand-deliver their ballot in person to DCED anytime after ballot is received but they must do so before or on Election Day during regular business hours from 8:00am-4:30pm Monday-Friday.