Dallas County Completes Recount of Paper Ballots


Dallas County Recount Complete, Local Races Not Affected

Dallas County has successfully completed the recount of the 44 ballot boxes as approved
yesterday by a district judge following the Elections Administrator’s request to reopen the
central counting station to recount and re-tabulate 44 thumb drives from the March 3,
2020, Democratic and Republican Primary Elections.

“Following today’s recount, all ballots from those vote centers have been counted,” said
Toni Pippins-Poole, longtime county elections administrator. “The amended results from
those 44 vote centers now show an increase of 6,818 votes in the Democratic Primary
and 2,331 votes in the Republican Primary. The outcome of local races were not affected
by the recount of the paper ballots.”

Pippins-Poole expressed gratitude that Dallas County invested in a system that utilizes
backup paper ballots in conjunction with the electronic software to ensure that every vote
will always be counted.

Representatives from both the local Democratic and Republican parties were present to
observe the recount process. The results will be made publicly available on the
department’s website and are still considered unofficial until both parties have canvassed
the results.

Additionally, the Elections Department will continue to receive mail-in ballots through
today Wednesday, March 11, 2020- as required by state law. Provisional ballots will
also be reviewed through Wednesday, March 11, 2020