City Of Glenn Heights Offering Hazard Pay

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Police (sworn and unsworn), Fire and Public Works teams to receive retroactive pay

Glenn Heights, TX — On April 13, 2020, the City of Glenn Heights City Council unanimously approved Resolution R-10-20, which authorized the City Manager to institute and administer a temporary policy for Hazard Assignment Pay during the declared State of Local Disaster due to public health emergency (COVID-19) for Police (sworn and unsworn), Fire and Public Works employees within the City.  Hazard Pay is assignment pay as a premium added to an employee’s base salary to recognize special skills, assigned duties, or unique circumstances that exceed the ordinary. Because of the City Council’s actions, Glenn Heights has become one of the first cities in North Texas, if not the first, to offer Hazard Pay to employees.

“We want to show appreciation to our front-line employees. As a Council, we understand this can be a difficult time for those involved, as some may have lost income based on constraints brought about by the pandemic,” stated Mayor Harry Garrett. “Because of this, we want to recognize these employees for putting their lives on the line and continuing to serve this community during this unprecedented time.”

Glenn Heights Recognizes The Sacrifice of 1st Responders

“The decision by our City Council to authorize Hazard Pay for our first responders shows they are committed to valuing the sacrifice our men and women are making daily as they interact with those that could possibly have COVID-19,” said Police Chief Vernell Dooley.

By Wednesday, March 18, 2020, most City personnel had already transitioned to staggered, limited in-office schedules or work-from-home remote servicing to comply with Dallas County’s Stay at Home Order. However, there are certain positions, that by virtue of the nature of their assignments, that must maintain in-person operations. Although the positions selected to receive Hazard Pay already have inherent levels of risk associated with each of them, this benefit represented another opportunity for the City to recognize their efforts. “While the City has the duty to continue to serve the citizens, as a manager, I am fully committed to finding ways to recognize our public safety and public works essential staff for continuing to provide in-person services during this unique circumstance,” shares City Manager, David Hall.

The hazard pay rate was enacted immediately and will continue until the local disaster declaration of the Glenn Heights City Council is repealed, lifted, rescinded, or otherwise no longer in effect.

The hazard pay benefit will equate to an additional $2/per hour increase in the employee’s base payment rate. In addition, hazard pay will be paid retroactively from March 12, 2020, to align with the date the of mayor’s initial Disaster Declaration.

“Our fire department staff is truly facing an unprecedented time now. The COVID-19 virus has raised stress levels beyond what is normally seen with first responders,” shares Fire Chief Keith Moore. “The City of Glenn Heights City Manager and City Council recognize this and have taken actions to ensure that the first responders and frontline staff know they are being taken care of.”