Tiverton Bakeshop In Ovilla, A Family Dream Becomes A Sweet Reality

Tiverton Bakeshop Ovilla
Photo courtesy of Ashley Sanders The Tiverton Bakeshop in Ovilla will feature all sorts of sweet goodies, along with honoring the memory of the late Adam Weyand, brother of owners Ashley Sanders (his sister) and Julie Weyand (his mother).

Oville Bakeshop Honors Adam Weyand

Ashley Sanders and her mom Julie Weyand has sweet memories of her late brother Adam Weyand, who passed away last August when his car was struck by a drunk driver.

Now, to honor him, they are sharing tasty sweets with the folks in and around Ovilla as the Tiverton Bakeshop will have its grand opening March 26 at 7 a.m.

The location is 839 E. Main St. in Ovilla. The phone number is 469-820-9820, Instagram is @tivertonbakeshop and you can visit facebook.com/tivertonbakeshop.

Adam was killed on Aug. 2, the same day as the first birthday of Ashley’s son, also the birthday of her other brother Andrew’s girlfriend.

“We were all in Florida when we got word that morning about the accident. It has been the most difficult collective experience for our family,” Ashley said. “But we are determined to heal, become stronger and be a source of grace and love for others experiencing similar loss or pain.

“Adam was the youngest, but lived the loudest and fullest. He definitely provided irreplaceable joy and love.

“Most of my childhood memories involve being in the kitchen. My mom and Grams love language is 100% about servanthood. They show love by baking, helping.”

Julie and her mother come from a long line of great bakers. She said there homes were always filled with sweet smells and traditional memories.

Adam, however, not so much, Ashley said, smiling.

Following Their Dream

“Adam was definitely not skilled in the kitchen. A self-proclaimed chicken and fries guy, he loved to eat but offered zero assistance in the kitchen,” she said with a laugh. “However, he had such a strong vision and belief in this business. He was going to be in charge of marketing and bookkeeping.

“My mom and Adam actually drove out this past June from Dallas to Destin to visit me. On the drive, they discussed different strategies, ideas and he was so encouraging. He has fully believed in my mom’s ability and work ethic and its been tough not having him here to witness all that’s happened these last few months.”

Ashley said she believes Adam would be proud that they didn’t dissolve into their grief, but instead faced it and used it as motivation to turn their dreams into reality.

“We don’t have a guaranteed amount of time here on earth. Its one thing for us to talk about dreams and somedays, but we only have today,” Ashley said. “So why wait? Why not go after something you’ve always wanted?”

The restaurant will be featuring mini- and full-size cheesecakes, cupcakes, custom ordered cakes and pastries, scones, breakfast, lunch items, as well as locally roasted coffee and specialty teas.

Julie Is Known For Her Cheesecakes

Initially, the bakeshop will be opened Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“Not really sure what everyone will favor most, but my mom has been known for her cheesecakes. They are amazing!” Ashley said.

“Truthfully, we wanted something that was a little different, and took most of our inspiration from European style cafes and bakeries,” Julie added.

Julie said the name Tiverton was chosen because it was the name of the street on which she lived when she accepted Christ as her Savior.

The family has had ties to Ovilla for over 20 years. Julie taught and served on the staff at Ovilla Christian School for over a dozen years. After Adam passed away, his graduating class commissioned a specially made bench out by the baseball fields. Adam was an avid sportsman, baseball and his softball league were his ultimate passions.

“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We definitely want to provide delicious food along with custom orders, but more importantly offer a place where the community can come and gather,” Julie said.

Much More Than A Restaurant

Ashley said the creation of the Tiverton Bakeshop has ultimately been a family and community effort. Her grandparents, mom and dad, brother Andrew, his girlfriend and her entire family, Adam’s former roommate, his closest friends, and even their landlord they’ve known for 20 years are involved.

And, it’s much more than a restaurant, she added.

“This is a family business, but its so much more than that,” she said. “We’ve been so blown away by the response already, and are really just stepping out on this leap of faith that we are here to serve the community through food but also be a special place to gather, and be about meeting people where they are and support them through whatever they’re going through.”

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