Ovilla Christian School Advances To Area Math Olympics

Ovilla Christian School
OCS seventh grader Micah Fitch earned 1st place in the ACSI District Math Olympics.

OVILLA—Ovilla Christian School has an unprecedented 24 of 36 competitors advancing to Area competition in the Association of Christian Schools International Math Olympics. Of those advancing, 22 earned first-fifth place in their competition categories as well.

These numbers are even more impressive considering that Ovilla Christian School serves about 400 Kindergarten – 12th grade students.

“Our Math Olympians did extremely well at the District competition this year. We are so excited that two dozen will be moving on to Area in February,” OCS middle school math teacher Laura Stephens said. “Of the 23 participating schools, only two schools had more students advance to Area than OCS. This truly speaks to the hard work and skill level of our elementary and middle school math students.”

In November, OCS students were selected to participate in Math by Mail at the District level. All students in grades 3-8 are given several practice tests in the classroom and compete with their classmates. Students scoring the best in each category are selected, three for Computation and three for Reasoning in each grade level.

“Being selected to do the Math by Mail district competition in November alone is a distinct honor. All of those students are already winners just to make it that far,” Stephens said.

Each fall, ACSI offers Math by Mail, a mail-in activity for ACSI member schools designed to stimulate an interest and recognize the achievements of students in mathematics. Students are tested on their campus, then score sheets are mailed to host sites for tabulation and determination of awards. Those scores determined which students then advance to Area.

Math Categories and Results:

3rd Grade
Rachel Norman- Superior, 2nd Place, Area Qualifier
Moses Bogado- Superior, 4th Place (tie), AQ
Samantha Hammon- Superior, 4th Place (tie), AQ

4th Grade
Bella Noice- Superior, 2nd Place, AQ
Ella Adams- Superior, 4th Place, AQ
Mason Van Hove- Excellent

5th Grade
Noah Fitch- Excellent, 5th Place, AQ
Emma Cockerham- Participant
London Upchurch- Participant

6th Grade
Gabi Noice- Excellent, 4th Place, AQ -CONTINUES-
Madisen Parks- Excellent, 5th Place, AQ
Jake Nelson- Participant

7th Grade
Micah Fitch- Superior, 1st Place, AQ
Abigail Howell- Excellent, AQ
Emily Hamm- Excellent

8th Grade
Hillary Solomon- Excellent, 5th Place, AQ
Noah Bogado- Participant
Brooke Bryant- Participant

3rd Grade
Brandon Burchett- Superior, 2nd Place, AQ
Caden Atkins- Superior, 3rd Place, AQ
Kadin James- Excellent, 5th Place, AQ

4th Grade
Lauren Magann- Superior, 3rd Place, AQ
Nate Nunes- Excellent
Zoey Hensley- Excellent

5th Grade
Emily Kate Jones- Superior, 2nd Place, AQ
Logan Quintana- Excellent, 5th Place
Joy Escobar- Excellent

6th Grade
Tucker Navarro- Excellent, 4th Place (tie), AQ
Collin Reynolds- Excellent 4th Place (tie), AQ
Parker Navarro- Excellent, AQ

7th Grade
Renee Quintana- Excellent, 4th Place (tie), AQ
Brant Stukas- Excellent, 4th Place (tie), AQ
Jase McMahon- Participant

8th Grade
Alex Nance- Excellent, 5th Place (tie), AQ
Avery Garcia- Excellent, 5th Place (tie), AQ
Brock Stukas- Excellent, AQ