Solaridarity Among the Marchers and Protesters

protect and serve protest sign
One of the many signs at the Dallas PD march this past Friday

DALLAS – The number of protests and demonstrations around the country in response to the George Floyd killing has grown over the days as rallies continued over the weekend.

Late last week, Black Lives Matter sent a message about a protest in Ellis County.

The peaceful protest in Waxahachie last Thursday began in front of the Black History Building in the early evening. Protesters numbering in the hundreds marched from the MLK Blvd. address to the courthouse in downtown Waxahachie with messages like “Being black isn’t voluntary, hate is” and the succinct message “Black lives matter.”

Waxahachie Protesters
Photo by Rita Cook

Waxahachie Police Chief Wade Goolsby marched with protesters to the courthouse along with police officers and and the Sheriff Department’s presence.

“A lot of the citizens have come together to protest not only the death of George Floyd, but a lot of the injustice across the country,” chief Goolsby said. “We are here to support them and make sure it is a safe event and we just want them to know we are all in this together.”

At the end of the rally the group of about 200 marched back to the Black History Building where the rally originally began.

Midlothian Marched Saturday & Sunday

Groups in Midlothian marched on Saturday morning and another group gathered on Sunday evening. Both groups were joined by the Midlothian Police Department. Community leaders are working on ways to continue racial progess outside of the marches.

Dallas Police Department March

On Friday a march was hosted by the Dallas Police Department’s Latino Law Enforcement Association and Black Police Association at Dallas Police Headquarters on Lamar Street near downtown Dallas. Marchers began at the police headquarters and marched to Dallas City Hall and back again.

While at City Hall shortly after noon the group knelt for eight minutes and 46 seconds – the time the officer had his knee on George Floyd’s neck.

The event and march was called “Blue for Black Lives Matter” and was to show solidarity with those who have been and will be protesting.

At Dallas PD headquarters signs such as “Protect and serve with dignity to bring unity” and “Racism is small dick energy” were accompanied by the group ready to march.

The President of the Black Police Association in Dallas, Terrence Hopkins said “Because my profession doesn’t get it right all the time,” indicating the idea to march and stand in solidarity.

The majority in attendance were there to march with the Dallas PD in support, however, some in the crowd were there protesting the behavior of the department after the 674 protestors were detained on the Margaret Hunt Bridge earlier this month. That was also a peaceful protest that has of late caused the department grief due to the tactic police used called kettling.