CHISD Superintendent On George Floyd Tragedy

George Floyd Tragedy
Photo provided by Cedar Hill ISD

CHISD Takes Pride In Their Diversity

Dear Longhorn Nation,

We are a conscientious, diverse and honest community. It is important to have open conversations, especially during challenging times. Cedar Hill ISD takes pride in our diverse community and we know there is strength in our diversity. We love all of our scholars, staff, families and community members and do not tolerate anything that goes against the spirit of unity.

Like many of you, I was absolutely horrified to watch the video of George Floyd, an unarmed black man in Minneapolis, lose his life at the hands of a police officer.

In response to this tragedy, we have seen Americans – of all races, ethnicities and backgrounds – peacefully demonstrate in honor of both Floyd’s memory and the injustices suffered by African-Americans over the past decades and centuries.

These tragedies, sadly, are not new to us. But today, due to social media and real time reporting, we are regular witnesses to injustices throughout the United States.

I can only imagine how difficult it is for our young people to view these images in real time and to try to make sense of issues beyond their control. I want our scholars to know that it is perfectly normal to feel the gamut of stressful emotions, from anger to outrage to anxiety to helplessness, because we live in such an imperfect society.

We will make our school counselors available to speak to any scholar or staff member who feels the need to talk to a professional about their emotions. Please email and someone from the district’s counseling office will connect with you.

CHISD has launched a social-emotional learning (SEL) initiative across our district. Through SEL, scholars and staff receive the tools needed to understand and manage their emotions in order to make meaningful relationships with others and make responsible decisions. The state of our world right now is why integrating SEL in our district is so important. I am proud of the work that has taken place so far.

Through all of the tragedy, there has been some hope in seeing that far more people are speaking up against racial injustice. This may be our moment to bring Americans of all backgrounds together to heal the wounds that have long divided us.

At Cedar Hill ISD, we strive to create safe and nurturing environments for all of our scholars. I am proud of our efforts in that regard, but there is always room for us to learn and grow in our journey.

We are a community full of intelligent, empathetic and courageous individuals. While we may not be able to control what happens nationally, we can certainly serve as a beacon of hope to our fellow Texans and fellow Americans during this extremely challenging time.


Dr. Gerald B. Hudson

Superintendent of Schools

Cedar Hill Independent School District