Peaceful Protests in North Oak Cliff Tuesday Night

protests in Oak Cliff
Protestors Tuesday night said they want to make sure they follow the law and remain peaceful

DALLAS – With the City of Dallas curfew boundaries broadened earlier this week, peaceful protestors spilled into North Oak Cliff Tuesday night. They marched to North Oak Cliff after leaving Downtown Dallas ahead of the 7 p.m. curfew.

As helicopters hovered above Lake Cliff Park near Zang and Colorado Blvd. around 9 p.m. approximately 200 protesters gathered in the park. Residents nearby sat on their porches and listened to George Floyd’s name being chanted along with “I can’t breathe” and “black lives matter.”

One officer got out of his car, a Sgt. and asked protestors to keep the protests peaceful while remembering the reason they were there.

The protestors did just that.

Protestors also offered one of the police officers on the scene a group hug.

A woman from the group passed through the crowd offering water to the group. She wanted to make sure everyone was hydrated.

At the end of the protest, a group of people from the crowd stayed behind to help clean up the park where just minutes before the crowd had been chanting.

One local in the crowd, Sam Warmington, a man in his 20s said he has been at the protests since they began. He was arrested at the protest over the weekend on the Margaret Hunt Bridge.

United We Can Move Mountains

“I wasn’t going to come, but I have to, I have to be part of this,” Warmington said.

“Alone we are weak, united we can move mountains. I am here fighting for the people who do not have a voice. We can make this world a better place for generations to come.”

He said he was willing to be arrested and gassed to stand up for an issue of this magnitude.

Protestors at Tuesday’s gathering carried signs that read “Black Lives Matter” and “Latino and Black Lives United,” to name a few.

Christopher Finley, the protest organizer said there are more protests coming up, but it is all about following the law and keeping the peace.

After the crowd dispersed last night at Lake Cliff Park many headed to an area off Singleton Avenue in Dallas to regroup.

Finley told the crowd of about a hundred that the main objective is to follow the law to make a difference. He said he wanted to make sure the voices are being heard in such a way that it will make a difference.