Show Some Love to Lovin Oven, Other Local Restaurants

Show some love to Lovin Oven, Other local restaurants
Edylicious Tea to Go

Most of us have never experienced a time like this, a time when we are forced to shelter at home and avoid contact with others, even our neighbors. All while praying the Coronavirus pandemic is over soon, and we can once more resume our normal routines. For those still venturing outside to pick up groceries or restaurant take-out for the family, please don’t forget to show some love and support to your local stores. Many of these locally owned small businesses have been integral parts of the community for years.

Lovin Oven Celebrates 45th Anniversary

Lovin Oven will celebrate 45 years of serving the community in August. Owner Suzanne Maxwell says she has been living her mother’s dream of owning her own bakery. The popular bakery is located at 181 on the Historic Town Square in Lancaster.

Suzanne says, “You can smell the tempting desserts when you pull up outside. We are observing social distancing during this trying time, so please only two people inside at a time. We also offer curbside pickup and delivery in the area for some orders. Please call 972-227-4425 to place an order.”

Show some love to Lovin Oven
Lovin Oven

The bakery serves breakfast croissants and regular sandwiches all day long, every day. Lovin Oven also features delicious desserts and cakes, whole or by the slice. They also serve scrumptious dessert bars, brownies, hello dollies, lemon bars, cream cheese bars, and white chocolate lemon bars. Cookies, cream horns, cannolis, sandwich cookies, mini pecan pies, cupcakes, butterfly butter cookies, monster cookies, and gingerbread cookies are also featured all year.

Please call for prices and to place orders so they will be ready when you arrive. The bakery features outdoor seating in nice weather, “as long as you practice social distancing.”

DeSoto’s Edylicious Tea Room

Edylicious is offering pick-up only service until further notice due to circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak. Owner Edith Adom suggests that everyone continue to visit Cox Farms Market, which remains open for customers. The longtime favorite for fresh produce and a variety of sundries especially popular with the health-conscious is on Main Street in Duncanville. They feature Edylicious’ delicious sandwiches, breads, muffins, and cakes. Cox Farms Market also has stores in Oak Cliff and Farmer’s Branch now.

For those wanting the tea party experience, Edylicious offers a “tea party to-go” box for $19.95. This box includes all the luxuries of the in-store tea party experience, but conveniently packaged to be done at home. The box includes a selection of mini sandwiches, macaroons, madeleines, Devonshire cream, strawberry jam, and two tea bags. Please call us at (972)-274-1261 to order your box, and please allow 24 hour advance notice for pickup.

Other locally-owned restaurants on Duncanville’s Main Street who are eager to serve your take-out meals include Kitchens Deli at Ben Franklin Apothecary; Roma’s Italian Restaurant; and Mudhook Bar & Kitchen.