Houston Urgent Care Organization Launches new Pfizer COVID-19 Pill Clinical Trial

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Next Level Urgent Care Advances COVID-19 Research, Therapeutic Options for both Treatment and Prevention

HOUSTON – One of the first Houston urgent care organizations to conduct COVID-19 monoclonal antibody research and “return to work” safety programs, Next Level Urgent Medical, LLC now launches clinical trials on a new orally administered, pill-based COVID-19 therapy.

The Next Level Urgent Care (NLUC) leadership, which recently announced that the new Regeneron Monoclonal Antibody Infusions are available at select Next Level Urgent Care locations throughout the Greater Houston area, is now also launching three clinical trials to evaluate the efficacy of a new investigational study drug developed by Pfizer – as both an alternative therapeutic to reduce severity of symptoms in recently diagnosed COVID-19 patients, as well as a preventative treatment in those exposed to an infected person.

COVID Pill Clinical Trials

Potential candidates for the COVID Pill Clinical Trials include those 18 years of age or older, who have either recently been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are exhibiting at least one symptom, or who have not been diagnosed with COVID-19 though have been exposed to a COVID-19 positive person.

All study participants receive treatment for COVID-19 as prescribed by their regular doctor, in addition to the pill-based study drug or placebo.

According to Next Level Urgent Care Chief Medical Officer Robbyn Traylor MD, as COVID variants continue to fuel the pandemic, it is important that work expands in developing a variety of effective therapeutic options for both treatment and prevention.

“Since the start of the pandemic Next Level has been on the forefront of clinical research and scientific breakthroughs. It has been an honor to care for Houston through this terrible COVID-19 chapter of human history. Our company goal has been to ensure that all patients have the opportunity to receive innovative and evidenced-based medical care, whether through vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, or any other promising pharmaceutical with good early clinical trial data,” said Traylor.

“Houston is best in the nation for healthcare, and Next Level hopes to continue in that legacy of excellence,” she added.

Study participants in the NLUC COVID-19 clinical trials are seen in the Clinical Research Department at the Next Level Urgent Care Tanglewood location. The data collected is reported daily to each Clinical Research Organization, which analyzes the findings and reports them to the FDA and medical journals just a few months after the study closes.

Learn more about participation eligibility for current and upcoming COVID-19 clinical trials at Next Level Urgent Care.

About Next Level Urgent Care

The largest and fastest growing woman-owned Urgent Care organization in Houston, Next Level Urgent Medical, LLC and its family of urgent care and onsite employee health and wellness clinics across the Houston metro area are the vision of Juliet Breeze, MD, a primary care physician and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in healthcare. One of the few physician-owned urgent care organizations in Houston, which also provides occupational medicine and employer health benefits programs (Next Level PRIME), Next Level Urgent Care represents a new type of urgent care organization.