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City of Midlothian General Election November 3, 2020

Early voting in Texas starts tomorrow, October 13, 2020 and we have Ellis County voting information or you can visit official Ellis County website. In Midlothian, there aren’t any propositions on the ballot, only candidates for Mayor (unopposed), City Council Place 1, City Council Place 2 (unopposed), City Council Place 6, and MISD School Board Place 6 & 7. ALL candidates are listed in the order they are on the ballot.

Mayor Richard Reno (Incumbent)- Midlothian Mayor Reno is running unopposed. From his campaign Facebook page, “I’m Richard Reno, Mayor of Midlothian, Texas. I am committed to the citizens of Midlothian and leading this city responsibly into the future. Join me in making Midlothian great!”

Midlothian, Member of Council Place One

Wayne Sibley– Mr. Sibley is the incumbent. He does not have a campaign page on Facebook, and was not feeling well when the Midlothian Chamber did their candidate forum.

Dustin Slayton- From Mr. Slayton’s Facebook, “I am Dustin Slayton and have been a life-long resident of Midlothian, Texas for nearly 42 years. I am a 1997 graduate of Midlothian High School, and have fathered all of my children here in MISD. I am a proud member of First United Methodist Church of Midlothian, serving several years with international and local missions. After working in the mechanic industry for 23 years with companies such as TXI and Kirby-Smith, I decided to branch apart from the wrench and learn a new trade. I became a licensed barber in 2017, and proudly opened my independent shop, Lucky’s Barbershop, May 5th, 2018.

My parents are long-standing members of the community, who own a local flower shop and horse-drawn carriage company, therefore local and small business has always had a place in my life, and heart. My goals if elected is to represent small business owners and to be a voice for those whose family and livelihood depend on the success and support of local business. Midlothian is an ever-growing community, with an average growth rate of 5,000 people each year within city limits. It is important to retain the history, culture, and small-town tradition that Midlothian has always had, while we move forward to the future for generations to come.

If elected for Place One, I will advocate for policies and initiatives that support local citizens of our community, and be a servant to those who are in need.”

You can see Dustin answer questions in the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum and watch his interview with Ellis Talk to the Candidates to learn more about him.

Midlothian, Member of Council Place 2

Walter Darrach- Mr. Darrach is running unopposed for the seat being vacated by Mike Rodgers.

Midlothian, Member of Council Place 6

Hud Hartson-From Mr. Hartson’s Facebook page/group, “Hello everyone. I am running in the special election for Midlothian City Council, Place 6.

My parents moved here in 1969 and all five of their kids graduated from Midlothian High School. I attended Hardin-Simmons University and Dallas Baptist University where I was a Criminal Justice Major. Midlothian has been my home for 43 of my 46 years. I have 14 years of law enforcement experience. I am not a politician. My desire is to be a public servant for all citizens of our great community.

I look forward to sharing my vision for the future of Midlothian with all of you during the coming weeks, and I would be honored to have your vote and support.”

Allen Moorman- From Mr. Moorman’s Facebook page/group, “My name is Allen Moorman, and I’m running for Midlothian City Council – Place 6. As a family man and local small business owner, I believe that we must preserve liberty for the people of Midlothian in every area of life, starting right here.”

Mr. Moorman also has a campaign website, “My campaign is simple. My goal is to bring common-sense to legislation each and every day. I believe citizens have the right to own property and not have that property annexed or taken through eminent domain for any reason whatsoever. I believe that small business is the backbone of our economy. We must rid the local government of red tape and over-reach to allow for more local businesses to thrive and employ the folks of our community. And last but not least, I believe that the government has a responsibility to its citizens to have efficiency in operations in every area of governance. The taxpayers deserve transparency and the abolishment of waste within our systems and processes.”

Jacob Wallace– From Mr. Wallace’s Facebook page, “I am an attorney with my practice here in Midlothian where I help individuals and small businesses understand and resolve legal disputes. Evenings I also teach courses in government at TCC and am a Boy Scout Leader for the Tigers in Midlothian Den 962.

For the past three years I have served the city of Midlothian as a member of the Economic Development Board, where I currently serve as Secretary of the Board.
I grew up in Midlothian. Many of you remember my mother, Melanie Wallace, who was the principal of Baxter Elementary. My father’s job took us out of state when I was twelve, but Midlothian was always my home. Several years ago, when my oldest was starting school, we came back home to Midlothian.

When I returned I was staggered by the growth of our town, and the growth continues to accelerate. I look forward to serving Midlothian and helping to ensure that the growth in our community benefits the citizens of our community.”

Mr. Wallace nots if you have questions about his positions the best way to reach him is via email,

Tiffany Robinson Carra From Ms. Carra’s Campaign page, “Since moving back to Midlothian with my husband 5 years ago. I have found myself falling in love with this town over and over again. Our rich rural feel, our small town atmosphere, with small city perks quickly proved to that me husband may know a thing or two about the town he called home all those years ago.

I got involved in Midlothian city affairs in October 2015. Since then I have been actively engaged with city council members, mayors, and other city officials. It was during my involvement that I met Art. We met on Midlothian Talk and quickly hit it off. As part of Art Pierard’s original city council watching group, campaign strategy staff, and finally sounding board I truly got to know his spirit for the community.

I have wrestled with taking my involvement further for years, but in the past have actively declined saying I was, “in a season to affect change from the audience.” I actively campaigned for true transparency in city government, streaming and recording city council meetings before it was provided, I spoke feverishly at budget meetings to reduce the tax burden on our property owners, and met with multiple council people to discuss current and future issues for the City of Midlothian.

Yesterday’s devastating news has been a catalyst for me to take my involvement to the next level. Art’s mission to support our current citizens and create a vision for the future of Midlothian was something that needs to be taken to the end of his term, and I am proud to step into that role. I only hope that my service to the community will make my friend and councilman Art Pierard proud.””

MISD Board of Trustees Place 6

Tami TobeyFrom Ms. Tobey’s Facebook Campaign Group, “I am Tami Tobey, and I am asking for your support in electing me as Midlothian ISD School Board Member Place 6. Many of you know me also as Mrs. Tim Tobey, and mom to Tyler, Tanner, Trevor & Taylor.
My husband, Tim, and I moved here from Waco to start your local State Farm Insurance Agency. Together, we have served our loyal customers from our Midlothian Main Street location for nearly 20 years. I also own a furniture and home decor store – E.T. Tobey Company. My greatest job title though has been wife and mom! My boys are my pride and joy, and praise God that my husband is my biggest supporter, literally at 6’8”.
As a school board member, I will advocate for policies and initiatives that Engage Students, Empower Teachers and Ensure a Bright Future for our district.

Engage Students
– Understand that One Size Doesn’t Fit All
– Give Students a Place to Belong
– Provide Paths to Success for Every Child

Empower Teachers
– Focus on Teaching over Testing
– Value Exceptional Educators
– Support Innovation in the Classroom

Ensure a Bright Future
– Execute the Strategic Plan
– Spend Wisely and Earn Taxpayer Trust
– Sustain the Vision of Excellence

I welcome the opportunity to discuss the future of our schools. Contact me at”

Will Marks– Campaign page, “From Midlothian – For Midlothian
For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Will Marks! I’ve grown up in Midlothian my entire life (excluding a short stint in College Station, Tx – Whoop!). I went to Longbranch Elementary, Walnut Grove Middle School, and graduated from Midlothian High School in 2013, making me a third generation MISD graduate (my great grandad, grandma, two older sisters and myself all graduating from MISD). While in school here at Midlothian, I was highly involved in sports, FFA, and various organizations such as Student Council and FCA.

After graduating from Midlothian High School, I attended Texas A&M University. After a year in College Station, I felt a strong calling by God to transfer schools and attend Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) in Waxahachie, Tx. While attending school at SAGU, I worked on staff in various positions at Oaks Church while I worked to receive a Bachelor’s in Church Leadership, and a Master’s in Organizational Leadership.

During that time I met my beautiful wife, Dusty Marks. We now have three amazing children, Truitt, Myles, and Frankie. After serving at Oaks Church for three years, I felt God was once again calling me to make a change. From there, I transitioned careers from ministry and began working for John Houston Custom Homes as a construction manager.

Over the near three years I’ve been there, I have worked in conjunction with close to a hundred families as they build their new home in our great town. I’ve seen first hand the people moving to MISD to better their families and their children’s academic futures!

I think I offer a unique perspective of MISD that very few people have. Having grown up in Midlothian my whole life, attending MISD kindergarten through high school, I have personally experienced the challenges that students face. My oldest son currently goes to school at Longbranch Elementary, which has now given me a parent’s vantage point of MISD. I have also had the privilege of serving as a character coach to the Midlothian Heritage varsity football team over the last handful of years, getting to play a small role influencing players and coaches to pursue excellence as we lift up others. You see, I don’t view myself as a Midlothian Panther because that’s where I went to school, or as a Heritage Jaguar because that’s where I volunteer. I’m truly a fan of Midlothian ISD, bleeding both panther blue and jaguar red.

It is my goal to come along side Dr. Ledbetter, the other members of the School Board, faculty, staff and parents, to continue the success and growth of our schools. I know just how important MISD is to the thousands of students in our town, because I was one of them. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me. I would love to hear your story and get to know you.”

David Thomas From Mr. Thomas Campaign FB Page, “My name is David Thomas and I am running for MISD School Board Trustee Place 6. I am married to Dena, and we have two children. Dena and I have been married for 15 years. Tyler is a graduate of Midlothian, and Noah is in 8th grade at Frank Seale Middle School. We have lived in the city of Midlothian for just over 15 years. I am the Mobile Equipment Supervisor for Ash Grove Cement Company as well as an itinerant Bible Preacher and Teacher. We travel as a family in the summer, speaking and serving at various Bible camps and VBS’s in Texas and Missouri. I have also, at almost forty years old, taken steps to earn a degree in Project Management.

I worked for the school district for five and a half years. I was a bus driver, driver trainer, and school bus technician. I serve on the Funding, Finance, and Facilities Committee and have regularly attended school board meetings and various special meetings and workshops. I am inspired to run for School Board Trustee Place 6 because I want to serve and support the Staff, Students, and Superintendent of Midlothian ISD. Since I am unable to serve as an employee, I desire to serve in a trustee capacity.

My top priorities as a school board trustee are to Serve and Support the Staff, Students, and Superintendent. Engage with the community and celebrate Students and Staff. Work with the Team of Eight to cast a vision for the district, a vision of continuous improvement, and educational excellence. Finally, I will be responsible with the taxpayer dollars as we work as a team to approve the district’s budget.

I am uniquely qualified to serve as a trustee as a strategic thinker, a learner, an entrepreneur, and a blue-collar professional. Integrity is a core value for me and is a word that describes me. I am an effective communicator. I am very familiar with the growth of the district, both past and forecasted. I am also acquainted with the district finances.”

MISD Board of Trustees Place 7

Andrea Walton– It has been my privilege to serve the past three years as School Board Trustee in Place 7. I am humbled by those that supported me in 2017, and have urged me to run for a second term.

My focus has been and will continue to be:
-Passionate Advocate for Students, Teachers & Education.
-Promoting a Positive Vision and a Positive Voice for Schools & Midlothian.
-Focused on Safety, Social & Emotional Learning.
-Enhancing Communication for Effectiveness & Understanding
-Inclusion & Growth for Every Student!

Taya Kyle- From Taya Kyle School Board Facebook page, “I am humbly asking for your support in giving back to our community. My desire to serve our children, and you by doing so, is deeply rooted in my faith in God and my desire for tapping into the potential of our future leaders. Vote Taya Kyle For School Board Place 7!”

Watch the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forums: Midlothian City Council Place 6, MISD Place 7, MISD Place 6,.

Profiles: Andrea Walton, Tami Tobey, David Thomas, Will Marks.

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