Restaurants Allowed To Deliver Alcohol With Food Purchase

Texas restaurants deliver alcohol
Photo by Focus daily News

Finally, some good news in our inbox. We know many of you are staying home to protect yourself and others while trying to support local restaurants and businesses. Well, today Governor Abbott has signed a waiver allowing restaurants to deliver alcoholic beverages with food purchases to patrons, including beer, wine, and mixed drinks.

Additionally, the Governor directed the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) to waive certain provisions to allow manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of alcoholic beverages to repurchase or sell back unopened product.

These waivers are in response to the financial hardship caused by COVID-19 that has disproportionately affected the hospitality industry.

“The State of Texas is committed to supporting retailers, restaurants, and their employees,” said Governor Abbott. “These waivers will allow restaurants to provide enhanced delivery options to consumers during this temporary period of social distancing.”

Under this waiver, effective immediately, restaurants with a mixed beverage permit may sell beer, wine, or mixed drinks for delivery as long as they are accompanied by food purchased from the restaurant.

So the next time you order food for delivery-see if you can get a beer with those wings, or wine with that Italian food. Keep ordering from local restaurants and remember to tip generously.

The buy-back waiver allows alcohol distributors and manufacturers to repurchase excess inventory from restaurants, bars, and clubs affected by event cancellations due to COVID-19.