NATIONAL CUSTODIAN DAY: Hernandez Enjoys Working at Cedar Hill ISD

Eva Hernandez
Eva Hernandez is the lead custodian at Cedar Hill High School.

Cedar Hill Celebrates National Custodian Day

CEDAR HILL, TX- It’s been nearly a quarter-century since Eva Hernandez arrived at Cedar Hill High School.

“I needed a job, and Cedar Hill hired me right away 24 years, so I started working,” Hernandez said.

During that time, scholars and teachers have come and gone, but Hernandez – the lead custodian at Cedar Hill High School –has thoroughly enjoyed working with her colleagues and the scholars.

“I get along with everyone – especially my co-workers,” Hernandez said.

Cedar Hill ISD Superintendent Dr. Gerald Hudson said the district’s custodial staff has gone above and beyond, especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“Friday is National Custodian Day, and CHISD recognizes the contributions of our custodial team,” Hudson said. “They have the very important job of keeping the school safe, healthy and clean for our scholars and employees.”

CHISD Director of Maintenance and Custodial Mark Bigham said Hernandez has been an exceptional employee and a leader for the district.

“She has moved her way up from night time custodian to a day custodian to now the lead custodian at the high school,” Bigham said. “She has been the leader of the cleaning, and floor crew during the summer cleaning. She’s a very good communicator with her employees and the office staff at the high school.”

Hernandez grew up 70 miles northwest of Cedar Hill in Decatur, the county seat of Wise County.

She moved to Cedar Hill after she got married. After starting at CHHS, she worked at Plummer and Highlands elementary campus, before spending 11 years at the Ninth Grade Center.

Hernandez is in her fourth year back at the high school, where her CHISD career began.

“The time has gone very quickly,” Hernandez said. “You turn around, and your kids have grown up.”

Today, Hernandez is the lead custodian of the 11-person custodial team at CHHS.

As a team, they’ve adapted to the challenge of combating COVID-19, from a sanitary standpoint.

“We have to clean from top to bottom,” Hernandez said. “Before COVID, we would disinfect one room and then disinfect another room the next day. Now, we have to do everything on the same day.”

As the lead custodian, Hernandez assumes the duties of her custodial staff if one of them is out that day.

“If someone is missing, I have to do their area,” Hernandez said. “We are doing our best to keep the school clean and ready for the scholars to start.”