Lancaster ISD Board Of Trustees Honored

Lancaster ISD Board of Trustees Named Among Top Five Boards Statewide

Lancaster ISD Board Of Trustees Named Outstanding Board of The Year

LANCASTER— Five school boards have been selected as Honor School Boards. This is part of the Texas Association of School Administrators School Board Awards. Each year, the program recognizes outstanding Texas school boards for commitment and service that has made a positive impact on Texas public school students.

“We congratulate Lancaster ISD and the committed, forward-leading members of its board for the honor given them by the selection committee,” says Region 10 Executive Director Gordon Taylor. “As Superintendent McFarland points out in Lancaster’s submission, the board and the district have overcome a wealth of obstacles on the way to success. Region 10 salutes you for all you’ve accomplished – and what we know you will continue to accomplish as you work together for the good of your students.”

Prior to making the top five, Region 10 selected the Lancaster ISD Board of Trustees as its Outstanding Board of the Year. Region 10 Superintendent of the Year for 2014, Dr. Michael D. McFarland, was glad to nominate the Board for consideration.

“When you look at the criteria for Honor Board and you think about the role of the Board, I felt like their service has been exemplary. I just wanted to make sure that they got the attention and recognition they deserve,” he said. “As public servants, you often get the recognition when things are not going well but may seldom get the same recognition when things are going well. Our Board has worked in concert with district administrators, principals and teachers, and for that, I believe that the recognition is well-deserved.”

Now that the Lancaster ISD Board of Trustees effort is being recognized beyond the region, Dr. McFarland is excited about the opportunity to highlight the trustees at the state level.

“We have an excellent Team of 8. They have provided exemplary leadership and it is great to see that they are being recognized at the state level. Now the state will know what I have known for quite some time—that we have an outstanding Team of 8.”

Board President Ty G. Jones said that the recognitions by the region and state provide acknowledgement that the Board and district are doing some things well.

“It also will allow for us to reflect and develop systems and procedures to allow for sustainability to ensure that our students are in an environment which will foster and yield academic success,” he said. “I am hopeful it will allow us to develop additional partnerships to assist us in realizing our vision that all students achieve self-sustaining success and leave a lasting legacy.”

Trustee Ellen Clark said that she feels humbled and appreciative of the hard work of the district’s staff and students who have transformed Lancaster ISD.

“People from outside the district know how good this district has become and maybe this will let the community know the impact of such a school district on the quality of life in Lancaster,” she said.

As a Leadership TASB graduate, Ms. Clark often interacts with trustees from throughout the area and state.

“I realize that there are many boards that have shown outstanding leadership,” she said. “Over the years I have learned a lot from board members from other districts who were willing to share their knowledge and experiences.”