Glenn Heights’ Travis Bruton Says It Is Time To Make a Positive Difference

Travis Bruton headshot
Travis Bruton won the Place 3 seat in Glenn Heights during a special election in February

Glenn Heights Place 3-Travis Bruton

GLENN HEIGHTS – Travis Bruton is no stranger to sitting on the dais in Glenn Heights.

When Travis Bruton won his Place 3 seat in February, he had the knowledge of what sitting on the city council in that city meant. In 2017, he was elected to an unexpired term and was on council at that time for about a year.

Sworn in last Tuesday, Bruton said “One thing I am personally going to start doing immediately is working on community engagement.”

Bruton said there is currently no ordinance needed and there isn’t a resolution that has to be approved to be in the community talking to citizens.

“I want the city to look how the citizens envision it,” he explained. “How can I represent the citizens if I’m not out talking to them and connected with them?”

Having lived in the city of Glenn Heights since 2013, the latest member to be elected to the Glenn Heights City Council is originally from Peoria, IL. He is the owner of Total Mortgage and Lending Solutions, a mortgage company that offers solutions to help people finance, refinance and makes their home buying dreams come true.

To everyone that believed in him and voted in his direction Bruton said “Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am humbled by the opportunity to serve in this capacity and I don’t take it for granted. I would not be here without you and I appreciate all the kind words and take the challenges I was issued to heart.”

Time To Go To Work For Glenn Heights

Now however, he said it is time to roll up his sleeves and get to work.

“The city has been growing exponentially for the last five years and I foresee the growth continuing,” he explained. “What will be important is how we manage that growth. How our city will look in the next five to 10 years will be based on the decisions that are being made today.”

Bruton said there a few things that he would like to see come into fruition over the next few years.

Focusing On Areas Of Improvement In GH

One being the new city center that will include public safety, city hall and a recreation center.

“This is important for our city in two ways,” he said. “The first is that the citizens passed a bond to have these facilities and in order to be good stewards of the money they approved, we owe it to them. Secondly, the city center will give our city a central location to gather and rally around. The next thing I would like to see happen is the expansion of Bear Creek road with sidewalks. This is much needed as it is a major artery for our city. It will make our city more attractive to businesses and help alleviate traffic from the new residential subdivisions that are coming online.”

With his favorite leadership quote being ‘Great leaders don’t set out to be leaders they set out to make a difference,’ Bruton adds “I am committed to learning, connecting, serving and making a difference. If we really want to change our city, make it better and move it forward, I challenge the citizens of Glenn Heights to partner with me and get involved. I cannot do it by myself, the council singularly cannot nor the city staff. We all have to play a part.”

He also said he will be opening up his schedule to have office hours every Monday before city council meetings.

“I can meet you where you are or we can get on a zoom call,” he concluded. “I want the citizens to know they have a councilman that cares, one they can talk to, they can ask questions and will listen to them.”