Cedar Hill Bilingual Summer School Was A Success

Cedar Hill drive by award ceremony
Cedar Hill ISD hosted its Bilingual Summer School virtually this summer, but the program hosted a “drive by award” ceremony at its conclusion last month. Photo Submitted by Cedar Hill ISD

Highlands Elementary Completes Virtual Summer School

(CEDAR HILL, TX) Cedar Hill Independent School District hosted its annual Bilingual Summer School last month, with 40 scholars receiving instruction. Virtual summer school, with students logging on to learn.

CHISD Bilingual/ESL Coordinator Eduardo Gonzalez said the 15 day program was a very
successful one, and both teachers and scholars were able to adapt to the virtual version.
The summer school was for bilingual scholars entering Kindergarten and First Grade,
respectively, and it followed a specific summer curriculum.

“It is a federal requirement to have Bilingual Summer School, and the District decided to go
virtual with it,” Gonzalez said. “We used Google Classrooms as our platform.”
Gonzalez said the scholars used iPads for instruction, and the parents picked them up toward the end of May.

School supplies were provided to the parents.

“The summer school teachers did a great job,” Gonzalez said. “The teachers contacted the
parents, and they went over any troubleshooting issues.”

The teachers who participated were Pre-K Teachers Maria Rosero-Wilches and Erika Moreno
and Kindergarten Teachers Monserrat Miralda and Angie Roland-Gonzalez. Instructional Aide Paula Zuniga also played a key role.

All of the instruction was conducted in Spanish, except for Mathematics, which was done in

“Students who first learn to read in their home language have been shown to be more
successful readers in English,”Gonzalez said.

At the end of the virtual program, the staff had a “drive by award” ceremony for the scholars, all of whom attend Highlands Elementary School.