Video Games Can Positively Impact Your Child: STORY MODE Series Explores the Positive Benefits

image with quote of Allison Matthews

Explore How Video Games Positively Impact Your Child

As a Mom of two children that find video games to be one of their favorite “free time” activities, I’m always looking for the benefits in their gaming. While I’d rather them read a book, go for a bike ride, or find other ways to be creative- screen time does have benefits.

If you’re a parent that also wonders how video games can positively impact your child, you might find STORY MODE,  “a series of conversations with video game industry leaders who are defining the future of play and bringing immersive, interactive experiences into innovative spaces like education, fitness and mental health” interesting.

“STORY MODE shows how video games and interactive entertainment positively affect many aspects of people’s lives, especially physical and mental wellness and education,” ESA President and CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis said. “We appreciate the opportunity to partner with Games for Change to produce a series that illustrates the importance and value of play.”

STORY MODE is presented by The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and Games for Change (G4C).

The inaugural episode of STORY MODE released today features Microsoft’s Head of Minecraft Education Allison Matthews, who discusses how Minecraft helps students prepare for a future where coding skills are essential.

Future episodes will spotlight creators and innovators including Supernatural Co-founder, CEO and CCO Chris Milk, Supernatural Head of Fitness Leanne Pedante, thatgamecompany President and Creative Director Jenova Chen, Popcannibal Fouder Ziba Scott and Akili Interactive Labs Founder and CEO Eddie Martucci.


“The creators and games featured in STORY MODE give us unique perspectives on the power of play,” Games for Change President Susanna Pollack said. “Games for Change is pleased to partner with the ESA on this new series to further advance our mission to empower game creators and social innovators to drive real-world change.”


Future episodes are scheduled for release through June on and, with additional episodes planned for later in the year.



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