ROHS Soccer Star Megan Fellows Receives Congressional Military Academy Nomination

Megan with Air Force board
Megan Fellows at her Signing Day Ceremony table.

Fellows Will Play At U.S. Air Force Academy

(RED OAK, TX) — Red Oak High School senior Megan Fellows plans to continue her outstanding soccer career at the prestigious U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO next year, before launching into a military career as either a pilot or in the intelligence field. After her military service, she plans to join the FBI as a special agent in the anti-terrorism unit.

With such lofty aspirations, one hurdle remained, a nomination from a U.S. congressman or senator to attend a military academy.

“I applied to attend the Air Force Academy as a part of the class of 2026 and one of the requirements to attend a military academy is that you must receive a nomination,” stated Megan. “I attended an interview at Congressman Jake Ellzey’s office where I was interviewed in front of a panel of past military academy graduates. A few weeks later, I received a call from Congressman Ellzey informing me that I received the nomination from him.”

The path cleared and Megan was officially accepted as a member of the Air Force Academy.

When asked about her preparation for the future, she credits her family and school district. Megan is currently ranked number three in the senior class.

Megan Fellowes with her parents
Photo credit Red Oak ISD

Red Oak ISD Prepared Fellows By Pushing Her Towards Excellence

“My family has lived in Red Oak for longer than I have been alive. I have been in Red Oak since kindergarten, and the district has given me the opportunity to grow and mature as a person,” stated Megan. “Red Oak ISD has prepared me for this upcoming role by constantly presenting me with new challenges. My fourth-grade science teacher, Ms. Madelyn Hooper, was the first teacher that challenged me and pushed me to strive for excellence regardless of the expectations.”

“My favorite Talon of the Hawk is ‘We before Me’ because I think, especially growing up playing a team sport, I have a ‘put others first’ mentality and I feel like putting a group of people before yourself for the greater good is a beautiful opportunity we are
given in life. It also goes hand in hand with one of the core principles of the Air Force, ‘Service Before Self’.”

As the soccer team competes in the playoffs (Regional Quarterfinal Game on Friday, April 1 at 6 p.m vs. Midlothian @ Waxahachie ISD Lumpkin Stadium), Megan reflects on her soccer team and activities off the field. *Midlothian defeated Red Oak

“My favorite part of being on the Lady Hawks Soccer Team is my teammates. They make everything more fun and playing soccer with my best friends is one of the greatest feelings in the world,” Megan said. “Outside of sports, I am a very artistic person. I love drawing and listening to music and I will spend hours reading a book without even realizing how long it’s been. And I really enjoy spending time with my family and my teammates.”