Relic + Root Offers Hands On Approach To Home Decor

Zach and Suzann Chambers
Zach and Suzann Chambers

Design Runs In The Family at Relic+Root

The family that designs together…makes other families happy in their homes.

Such is the case with Suzann Chambers and her son Zack, co-owners of Relic+Root, an interior design company of a different kind in Midlothian.

“Relic represents the fact that we love antiques and vintage pieces from Europe and the states…re-loving them and repurposing them. Root is a part of our personal story,” Suzann said. “As a military family who moved a lot, we learned how important it was to plant roots wherever we were went. It’s important for all families.”

Opening her own store was a longtime dream of Suzann’s, but being married to someone in the Air Force, it was hard to open a brick-and-mortar business. Then, she had a chance to fulfill her dream in 2017 and she jumped on it.

“We moved every two years or less. I think it was nine times in 13 years. So for all of those years, I carried my business with me, working out of my home,” she said. “I’ve decorated in many cities – Washington DC, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and even outside the country in Italy. This has been a dream even before I married my husband, so when he retired after serving for 28 years it was my turn to chase my dream.”

A Passion For Spaces That Inspire

Like his mom, who studied art at Cal State University, Zack got a degree in art from Penn State. Uncertain of where he wanted to go, he Zack ultimately teamed with his mom on her dream – and what he found out was also his.

“Relic+Root had been open for about a year at that point, and I offered to partner with him. He has amazing skills and an eye for design like his mom, so it seemed like the perfect fit,” she said. “It’s nice to work with someone who anticipates your thoughts and knows you well enough to take your place with ease. I never have a worry when Zack is running the show.”

Zack, who likewise has always had a passion for spaces that inspire, said he feels it’s important for our visual surroundings to always stimulate ideas and evoke our passions, styles, and stories.

vintage furniture
A look at some of the items Relic+Root offers in their store. Photo courtesy Relic+Root

“My mom and I are very passionate about our ideas and creative visions, and we’re always striving to use that energy to constantly try to outdo ourselves, whether we are at our store or in a clients home,” he said. “Although our creative processes differ slightly from one another, I believe it’s that difference that allows our team to view each project from every angle, ensuring the end results are a direct reflection of our collective vision.”

Custom Work That Fits The Individual Customer

Zack said what separates Relic+Root from other interior design businesses is the hands-on approach to home decor retail.

“We are not just an adorable, small town home decor and gift store. Our services and consultations allow our team to work directly with our shoppers,” he said. “From custom barn doors, stencils, furniture refinishing, upholstery, custom window treatments, wallpaper, faux finishes, wood panel walls and shiplap, there’s practically nothing we can’t do.”

One of Suzann’s favorite things is working with families that are building homes, to help make sure all spaces will be beautiful, purposeful and utilized. There is no detail too small, and no project too large, she believes. She and Zack also believe strongly that the work being done is the customer’s vision above their own.

“”We love to see each customer’s vision come to life. We would never impress our style on any space, because everyone is different and has different likes and dislikes. A home is very personal and we want it to feel like their home when we are done,” Suzann said.

All of their consultations and services are available on the website for more info. Plus, you can place an order and check out on their online store now

And their favorite part of what they do?

“The joy it brings people when we get done. Each person’s house, their ‘roots,’ is such a sacred space. We are so honored to be invited in and a part of making it feel like a home,” Suzann said. “Every one of these design jobs makes me giddy. I get so invested, it’s like I’m doing for myself. I want it to be perfect for each family.”

Zack added, “I truly enjoy designing and curating displays with new product around the store, as well as creating marketing material for social media and published ads. I essentially try to see each display as a ‘shoppable’ sculpture that attracts guests and inspires them to take a piece home for themselves.”

Among the top-selling items in their diverse store are Calyan Candles. Along with the attractive smell, which Suzann calls “amazing,” they are made locally. Proceeds are given back to victims of sex trafficking. Design services are also big hit because they are hands-on and do-it-all, from picking paint color to remodeling or building from the ground up.

Vintage One Of A Kind European Flea Market Finds

One of the biggest “fun finds” in the shop is their vintage, one-of-a-kind, European flea market finds. You never know what treasure you will discover in the store. Of course, like many businesses, they have dealt with the challenges of COVID-19.

“We were forced to close for six weeks, and as a small mom and pop shop, that was devastating. We’d just launched our online store, which helped a little, but it was so new that it wasn’t producing much income,” Suzann said. “We didn’t give up. We hustled and decided if the world was turned on its head, we’d try the same things with the business.”

home decor
A look inside the store at some on the charming items available Photo by Relic+Root Zach Chambers

“We tried doing things a little differently – like picking up furniture to reupholster and then returning it without any contact. We made free local deliveries a part of our online store and still did some virtual remodels to help keep our bills paid.”

Still, despite that battle, Zack said the plan is to expand the business into other cities.

“Absolutely! We hope to one day see Relic + Root as a lifestyle brand that draws out and inspires the uniqueness and creativity in each individual who shops with us,” he said. “Whether they make a purchase or not, we want each guest to leave with a shopping experience they cannot forget.”

Suzann said she realizes that the word designer can sound “scary” or “expensive.” She said there’s no reason for that with her and Zack.

bedroom with feature wall
An example of a feature wall in bedroom with stencil work done by Relic+Root. Photo by Zach Chambers

“We design for anyone and everyone, on any scale or budget,” she said. “Come in and shop with us and get to know us, we would love to give your home the heart you’ve been hoping for.”

Relic + Root is located at 311 E. Avenue G Midlothian in Midlothian, TX 76065. Be sure and check out their website and social media channels and support a local business.



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