Readers Vote Dr. Chad Tucker “Best Chiropractor” Once Again

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Dr. Tucker Loves His Job And His Patients

The reason Chad Tucker became a chiropractor is simple, really. He had a life-changing experience – literally.

“I was preparing to start med school and was actually referred to a chiropractor by my family physician for a neck problem that I was experiencing. After getting to experience it myself and seeing a waiting room full of patients that actually enjoyed being at the doctor’s office, I immediately transferred my credits over and began (chiropractic) school,” Tucker said.

Best thing I ever did. There is just something about watching patients improve without the use of drugs or surgery. I truly love what I do.”

And he’s been doing it with tremendous success ever since. Just ask his patients, many of whom played a major role in him once again being named among the Readers’ Choice honors for best in the area. Though the accolade is a decade long, Tucker said it still feels special.

“It really is an honor that our patients continue to spread the word of what we do in the office. I feel like they are more like family, and we will always strive to take care of them as if they were,” he said.

Treating Humans and Animals

It didn’t take long for Tucker to make such a connection. He is in 11th year of practicing, treating all ages.

“My children were both adjusted within 24 hrs. of being born. Birth is a rough process for both the mother and the child,” he recalled. “On the other side of that we also have several patients that are well into their 90s.”

Then there are also his four-legged patients – yes, you read that correctly. After all, chiropractic needs aren’t restricted to humans.

“Being a certified animal chiropractor I often see lots of dogs and cats, as well as the occasional horse. I am fortunate to work closely with Willow Brook Animal hospital which is next door,” Tucker said.

Tucker noted that chiropractic medicine treats many conditions, mainly by removing interference from the nervous system.

Treatment For Numerous Conditions

“Much like if someone was using a garden hose but was standing on the hose. Those plants aren’t getting the right amount of what they need,” he described. “My job is to take the foot off the hose and let the body repair itself. There are some occasions where some supplementation may be recommended, as a significant number of people are deficient in many things. That is all based on their individual situation, however.”

He also stressed that many ailments for which people get medicine can be treated through chiropractic services.

“All the time. My office always has and always will take care of the typical neck and back pain patients. However, I have since gotten a board certification in neuropathy and have great success reversing that for diabetic patients, cancer patients, as well as many others,” he said. “The office actually treats many conditions such as knee pain, neck and back pain, neuropathy, weight-loss, headaches and migraines, we also do body contouring, as well as treat many gut health driven issues. There are really too many to list.”

Continuing to Evolve

When he’s not helping folks with their health issues, Tucker can usually be found making quality time with his daughters, Lily and Bonnie. They enjoy spending weekends in the country fishing and riding four-wheelers, he said.

“It is great for my kids to be able to experience what life is like outside of the city. There are so many things I learned growing up with the same opportunities,” he said.

Tucker does not come from a medical family, but his sister is a nurse.

And while he has enjoyed much success in his career, like most professionals, he continues to strive for improvement. He said the COVID-19 pandemic proved that evolving is not an option, but a must.

“Over the years my office and the conditions that we are now able to treat has definitely changed, better yet evolved. Twenty Twenty showed us that if we are to continue to grow, evolve is something that we must do as individuals and business owners,” he said. “We are currently under the process of doing a re-branding of the office to make it more inclusive of all the things that we now offer.

“We will become Evolve Health and Wellness over the next few months. Same great staff and same great treatment will be maintained, and I am definitely not going anywhere in the near future. I look forward to what the future holds for our office and my patients. I again, greatly appreciate all those people who have taken the time over the years to help our clinic/family grow in this community.”


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