Ranch Rider Seltzers Made In TX, Approved By Texans

two cans of Ranch Rider Spirits
Photo by Kristin Barclay

Ranch Rider Spirits Offer Authentic, Refreshing Cocktails In a Can

Football season is underway and for many of us that means tailgating! The shopping list contains the usual suspects: burgers, brats, chips, salsa, beer and wine. Maybe if you’re the ultimate tailgater you also bring a “bar” of sorts with your favorite spirits and a grill. However, the more you take to the game, the more time it takes to clean up. And packing up isn’t much fun, especially if your team loses.

When I discovered Ranch Rider Spirits, my first thought was: no more mixing drinks on game day! Instead of packing a cooler with mixers and a box of spirits, we can just add Ranch Rider seltzer cans to the cooler. Of course, that’s also the case for trips to the lake, the beach, the pool or wherever your adventure takes you.

Ranch Rider Spirits, Texas’ number one premium spirit-based seltzer, has an authentic, refreshing taste with premium vodka or tequila. Ranch Rider sent us samples of the Chilton – vodka, sparkling water, fresh squeezed lemon & sea salt, The Buck-Vodka, sparkling water, real ginger & fresh squeezed lime, Ranch Water- Reposado tequila, sparkling water & fresh-squeezed lime, and Tequila Paloma- Reposado tequila, sparkling water, sea salt, & fresh squeezed grapefruit, lime, & orange.

Canned cocktails aren’t new, but in the past I’ve steered clear of them because of their sugar content. Fortunately brands like Ranch Rider Spirits are now making them with more premium ingredients and without sugar.

It was love at first sip for me with the Chilton. With only 129 calories, this might be new go to adult beverage on those hot Texas afternoons. My hubby tried “The Buck”, and gave it a thumbs up. All of the seltzers we tried fall into the easily “crushable” category, and with 5.99% ABV, you can enjoy more than one.

Authentic Seltzers With Devoted Fans

“Ranch Rider’s success is driven by our devoted community,” claims Brian Murphy, co-founder of Ranch Rider Spirits, Co. “We started in the back of a food truck only a couple years ago and are now fulfilling product requests from our loyal followers on demand. We take pride in opportunities like these and look forward to continuing to deliver authentic and transparent seltzers that truly taste unlike anything else on the market.”

Ranch Rider spicy jalapeno can
Photo credit Ranch Rider Spirits

By the way, if you like spicy, you might be able to find a four pack of Jalapeño Ranch Water still on the shelf at your local store. The Jalapeño Ranch Water includes sparkling water, fresh squeezed lime, real jalapeños and authentic reposado tequila sourced directly from Jalisco, Mexico Around Labor Day, Ranch Rider released their most in demand product for ONLY 30 days, but I’ve heard there may be a few packs remaining.

About Ranch Rider Spirits Co.

Founded in 2019 and born from a food truck in Austin, TX, Ranch Rider Spirits Co. is a premium spirit-based seltzer brand. They make each seltzer with premium spirits, sparkling water, fresh- squeezed citrus and not a drop of added sugar. Ranch Rider Spirits offers four flavors – The Buck, Ranch Water, Tequila Paloma and The Chilton. To stay in the loop, visit
ranchriderspirits.com and follow along on Instagram and Facebook at @ranchriderspirits.

Please drink responsibly and never drink and drive!