Midlothian City Council Candidates May 2023

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Stay tuned for Q&As with the candidates running for Midlothian City Council. For now, here’s a rundown of the candidates on the May 2023 ballot.

2023 Midlothian City Council Elections

Mayor Unopposed

Justin Coffman – A lifelong Midlothian resident, with five years on the City Council and three as Mayor Pro Tem. Coffman said “My commitment to you remains the same whether I am in an active campaign or not….my door is always open to healthy discussions that will better the community for all Midlothian’s citizens. I am transparent, I am honest and I am available to you. Together, we will all ensure that Midlothian remains a fantastic community well into the future.”

Place 1

Incumbent Wayne Sibley – Sibley is currently retired and has sat on the Midlothian City Council in Place 1 since 2011. Before that, he sat in the Place 5 seat from 2005 to 2009. He has lived in the city for 18 years. Q&A with Wayne Sibley

Allen Moorman – Moorman has lived in Midlothian for five years and said “Ever since moving here, our family has fallen in love with this community and it has truly become home.” He believes through his experience as a small business owner as well as serving on the Midlothian Community Development Corporation board for the last three years, he has a true understanding of the community needs if elected to the City Council. He said his primary focuses as a councilman will be strategic planning and economic growth. Q&A with Allen Moorman

Allen McKeever – McKeever is a contractor who has lived in Midlothian for 45 years. He is a contractor and Realtor and said he entered the City Council race with a deep love for the city and a passion for helping manage the upcoming massive overhaul to the downtown area. His focus will be budgeting, property taxation, downtown development, and possibly small business implementations and grants. We did not receive a response from Mr. McKeever

Place 2

Incumbent Walter Darrach – Darrach has been on the Midlothian City Council since 2020. He has lived in Midlothian for 10 years and said “I care about what our tomorrow looks like. I think it is important that we hold true to our core values and community strength while keeping a fixed eye on our future.” He said he believes Midlothian residents value safety, security, family, and diversity at the core and if elected would like to turn his focus on process improvement; reduce staff workload, project delays both public and private, and help to usher in a clear path for residents and business partners overall. Q&A with Walter Darrach

Mike Rodgers – Rodgers has been a Midlothian for over 40 years and said he is a conservative, Texas born and raised. He is a Midlothian small business owner, involved in Church leadership, and has served Midlothian for 21 years on various boards, and for three previous terms as a Midlothian City Council Member.  If elected he would like to focus on lower-density growth that provides a rural town lifestyle, leadership that incorporates all voices at the table, working together, finding alternative revenue sources to lower the tax liability threshold, and solutions to Midlothian Travel Corridor issues. Responses to Q coming soon

Place 5

David Hurst – Hurst sits on the Midlothian Community Development Corporation (4B) board. He is an architect who has lived in Midlothian for almost seven years and said “My career isn’t politics, and never will be.” At the city level, he said he has a heart for small businesses and business owners and has a deep interest in how Midlothian is growing and building. Q&A with David Hurst

Edward Gardner – Gardner is the President of MFR, Inc and has lived in Midlothian for 17 years. Gardner said, “Let’s preserve and protect what makes Midlothian so special together.” Q&A with Ed Gardner

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