Midlothian Is Growing And So Are The City’s Needs: 2021 Bond Referendum

2021 Midlothian bond

Midlothian’s 2021 Bond Referendum Looks At Four Propositions

MIDLOTHIAN – Growth is a good thing, but it also costs money.

On May 1, Midlothian residents will be asked to vote on four propositions that will be on the election ballot.

Proposition A at $46,000,000 is earmarked for constructing and equipping a public safety and police headquarters building; Prop B in the amount of $25,000,000 is for the constructing and equipping of a municipal civic building to contain city hall and a public library; Proposition C at $19,000,000 for the constructing and equipping a public recreation center and a fourth proposition; Prop D for $35,575,000 for a variety of city street and road improvements.

“The four projects on the bond referendum were recommended by a citizens’ planning committee that met over several months in order to deep dive into the long-term needs of our community,” said Midlothian Mayor Richard Reno. “They recommended these projects to City Council and the Council approved a bond election. The planning committee made their recommendations based on the need to keep pace with the continuing growth of Midlothian. They envisioned these projects to serve the community for many generations to come.”

The planning committee was organized in March 2020 and included 17 residents representing the various backgrounds and interests of people in the city, Reno explained.

Based on the recommendations from the citizens’ committee, the $125.575 million bond package was determined including the four proposed propositions.

Midlothian’s Population Has Doubled

The idea for the bond program is for its entirety to be implemented over a span of eight years. Depending on the propositions approved – if at all – some projects could begin immediately. Other projects will likely be staggered throughout the eight years based on community needs.

“Midlothian’s population has doubled in the last decade and is projected to reach 50,000 by 2030. Two of the bond projects on the ballot are facilities dating back to a time when the city was a fraction of its current size. The City Hall building was built in 1965 and at the time it became City Hall in 1997, the population was less than 8,000 people,” Reno concluded. “The Police Department has been in its current facility, which was built in 1974 as a church, since 2005 when the population was still under 18,000. We’ve been fortunate for many years to have been able to share with the school district library space, which was also built to serve a much smaller population than we have today.”

According to a question and answer series regarding the bond referendum Midlothian residents will not see a tax-rate increase with the passage of the bond package. Instead it was noted the money will be financed with the existing tax base and the future growth of the community.

For more information visit https://www.midlothianbond.com/faqs

Each Proposition explained:

What is included in the Public Safety and Police Headquarters, Proposition A?

The proposed new Public Safety Facility and Police Headquarters are designed to accommodate our continued fast population growth. It includes:

  • Patrol and administrative offices and work areas
  • Storm protected emergency dispatch center
  • Emergency operations command center
  • Investigations suite
  • Property and evidence management facilities
  • Holding facilities
  • Public space that separates detainees from citizens
  • Training facilities to improve police performance
  • Crime Prevention and Community Action Program spaces
  • Victims relief office
  • Chaplain’s office
  • Fire department administration offices
  • Fire marshal’s office

What is included in City Hall and Library Complex, Proposition B?

The proposed new City Hall and Library Complex is designed to be a community government and public cultural center, including:

Public library

  • Book rooms
  • Media center
  • Children’s area
  • Hands-on craft and “maker” activity space

City Hall

  • City Council Chambers with increased seating capacity for citizens
  • Utility customer services
  • Planning & Development services
  • Parks & Recreation offices
  • Engineering offices
  • Human Resources offices
  • Administrative offices
  • Information Technology services

To include shared space with library for:

  • Lobby and reception area
  • Community meeting space

What is included in Recreation Center, Proposition C?

The proposed community Recreation Center is designed to be constructed by the city. It would be operated by the YMCA as a membership facility. It will be a family facility, serving a multi-generational membership. Facilities, programs and services will include:

  • Gym
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Splash pad
  • Group exercise rooms
  • Functional fitness
  • Child watch center
  • Wellness center
  • Lobby
  • Office
  • Members’ lounge
  • Family changing rooms
  • Locker rooms and restrooms facilities

What is included in Roads Construction and Improvements, Proposition D?

The proposal for road construction and improvement includes numerous city roads and streets that have been identified as the most needed to address traffic congestion and safety issues. This bond includes constructing and reconstructing, improving and upgrading streets, roads, bridges, intersections, utility relocation, drainage, landscaping, sidewalks, acquisition of right-of-way, sign systems and signalization, traffic safety and other operational improvements.