COVID-19 Response From Midlothian Mayor Richard Reno

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Midlothian- MARCH 27, 2020

As Mayor of the City of Midlothian, I want to assure our citizens that your City leaders are working together to protect public health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. On Tuesday, March 24, 2020, the Council unanimously voted to approve a 14-day declaration of local state of disaster. On the same day, Ellis County Commissioners’ Court approved a Stay Home, Stay Safe Order through April 3, 2020, which, as a city within Ellis County, Midlothian is obligated to follow.

I realize that our citizens have a lot of questions about the meaning of these actions. First and foremost, the County’s Stay Home, Stay Safe Order intends to protect the health and life of our citizens. Additionally, the City’s disaster declaration paves the way for residents and businesses to secure mutual disaster aid from state and federal agencies. To help keep you informed during the COVID-19 pandemic we have compiled a collection of online resources that you can use to stay abreast of what is happening in Midlothian and Ellis County.

Our City Manager, staff, police and fire department are constantly monitoring and updating emergency plans. They are conferring with leaders of Midlothian Independent School District and Ellis County to coordinate efforts and ensure the safety and security of life and property.

At this time, it is impossible to predict COVID-19’s ultimate impact on public health, the economy or society as a whole. It is my prayer that this is a challenge that our community can weather together.

There may be some disagreement about the best actions to take, but your City Council is steadfast in its commitment to guard the health of our citizens.

I know that many of you are facing unprecedented hardships and are making incredible sacrifices so that the community as a whole survives this crisis. As a business-owner, I feel the full weight of expectations from customers and employees to successfully navigate this challenge. As your Mayor, I ask that you support the City Council in its efforts to protect life and property while at the same time safeguard our liberties.