Mathis’ return to DeSoto capped with 35-14 victory

Desoto Season opener win
Eagle players celebrate after one of heir talented receivers scores a touchdown in their victory over Odessa Permian in the season opener.

DeSoto Eagles Open With A Win

DeSoto’s coach Claude Mathis did not skip a beat as he returned to the Eagles sideline. His Eagles celebrated his return with a season opening victory over Odessa Permian.

Coach Mathis’ return to DeSoto is a success as he guides the Eagles to a season opening victory. Photo by John Askew

Junior quarterback Samari Collier was able to follow Coach Mathis’ instructions as DeSoto was able to punch in an early touchdown with running back Christopher Henley Jr. scoring after a 75 yard opening drive.

The Eagles team defense was all over Odessa Permian option running style with many bone crunching hits and sack after sack. It seemed that the DeSoto Eagles were in mid-season form with Coach Mathis tutelage.

Byron-Murphy-II-was-able-to-recover-a-loose-ball-to-score-an-uncontested-touchdown-to-put-the-Eagle-up-14-0. Photo by John Askew

Junior defensive tackle Byron Murphy II was able to recover a loose ball to score an uncontested touchdown to broaden the Eagles first quarter lead to 14-0.

DeSoto Eagle fans go wild after an Eagle touchdown. Photo by John Askew

When DeSoto was able to make Odessa Permian punt the ball, it seemed this game was going to be a runaway until, in a blink of an eye, the Eagles muffed the ball and that give life to the Panthers of Odessa.

Finding the End Zone

The Panthers were not able to score the traditional way, but, going into their bag of tricks, sent Alex Rose in to score a touchdown.

Panther back Alex Rose scampered 28 yards to tighten the game for Odessa and cut the Eagle lead to 14-7. Photo by John Askew

The score tightening was short lived as the Eagles were able to again put points on the board by the air as Collier threw a tight spiral to one of his many talented wide receivers. The receiver put on the jets and blew past the Panthers for a touchdown. The Eagles continued to dominate through the first half, going into the game’s midpoint with a 28-7 lead.

In the send half of the game, Coach Mathis was able to give some of his reserve players some key playing time. Backup quarterback Cuttin was able to throw a fade to Javin Vining in the end zone for another late Eagle touchdown bringing the final tally to 35-14.

DeSoto’s next game will be on the road vs Jesuit at 7:30 pm Friday. Last year the Eagles won by 10 points at home.