Mansfield ISD Device Pickup Has Been Challenging

Traffic at Timberview High School
Traffic at Timberview High School Photo courtesy of Jacy Kennedy

Mansfield ISD UPDATES Distribution…Again!

From the Mansfield ISD Facebook page:

At tonight’s Board meeting, we announced an updated plan to distribute devices. Instead of waiting in line, we are asking parents to click the link below to complete a form indicating that your student or students still need a device. The devices will be delivered to the home address indicated on your student’s registration as soon as they are ready. Deliveries will be made using proper social distancing to ensure the safety of our families and our staff. All remaining devices will be delivered using this process. Please do not come to the pickup sites.

As a reminder, students do not need to use a district-owned device. Any device with an Internet connection can be used to access all programs and apps needed for virtual learning. Students who are unable to get a device before school starts tomorrow will not be penalized in any way.

Mansfield ISD Experiences Long Lines For Device Distribution

Mansfield- The chaos began on Saturday when Mansfield locals started posting about an unusual amount of traffic on local roads. The heavy traffic was causing congestion like you’d expect in Arlington before a Dallas Cowboys game. Traffic was a result of a popular back to school bash and Mansfield ISD device pickup.

Yesterday the District decided to regroup and make changes to the distribution schedule to avoid Saturday’s excessive wait times, when some reported waiting for 10+ hours. However, there are reports of long lines today throughout the district. One parent posted the estimated wait time at Newsom Stadium is currently 4-5 hours. This is causing many parents to panic about their students readiness for the start of school tomorrow.

Another parent said while waiting in traffic at Timberview High School she received an email stating there was a device shortage for preschoolers and would be no device pickup. However she’s stuck in a gridlock of cars and estimates she may be stuck for 4 hours unless someone can redirect traffic. She was able to teach someone at one of the schools, and they said they don’t know what’s going on. Another Mom commented on her post that she’s been at Legacy waiting for five hours.

Mansfield High School
Mansfield High School, she’s been in line since 8:45 am Photo courtesy of Kimberly Anderson

From Mansfield ISD On Modified Device Distribution Schedule

An extended Fall 2020 Device Distribution Schedule with new locations, additional dates and modified times has been established to ensure all students are able to pickup needed devices for the start of the school year.

The updated distribution schedule will start Monday, Aug. 10 and run through Saturday, Aug. 15 for any students that were not able to pickup their devices during the previously scheduled distribution window.

Although the first day of school is Wednesday, Aug. 12, students who have not yet picked up their device will not be behind. As always, the start of the school year begins with making connections and establishing processes.

Students can also choose to use their own device instead of using a district-owned device. All programs and apps needed for online learning can be accessed on any device with an Internet connection.

Long Lines At Legacy & Newsom Stadium Again Today

However, today there continue to be reports of long wait times for device pickup. One parent Laura Davanna Morales-Harbor, posted “I was in line at Legacy High before 9am this morning. The line is beyond horrendous!!! Line went all the way to Debbie!!”

On tonight’s Mansfield ISD Board meeting notice, Sean Cranford commented, “We were waiting for 12 hours to pick up Chromebooks on Saturday. That was extremely poor planning! The people that were working should definitely be recognized for going above and beyond!!! Where was our School Board and Superintendent? You guys should have jumped in and helped out. That would have been a huge boost to morale!”

Betsy Jurchenko commented, “I don’t know how working parents are able to get all of this done before school starts. I picked up devices on Saturday and waited 12+ hours. I then had to go to individual schools and wait in line yet again yesterday to pick up workbooks. And today I am inundated with emails from the district, from principals and teachers. It’s too much Mansfield ISD!”

While frustration seemed to be the common theme some parents posted comments asking for grace, like Lena Guerrero Rodriguez, “Y’all need to cut MISD some slack, they’re literally providing your students with devices, not all districts do that or have had to distribute so many at one time. I think they’re trying their best and the fact they recreated the schedule is a sign that they’re still learning as they go.”

First Day Of School Is Tomorrow

With students anticipating the first day of school, Mansfield parents are looking for answers and expressing concern. Many parents feel like the District isn’t ready and should delay the start of school to make the process a smoother one for teachers and students. Their concerns are bigger than just device pickup, many have complained they’ve been inundated and overwhelmed with emails. Others say they haven’t had any contact with their child’s teacher and still need information on logging in.

Stephanie Rinks posted on Facebook, “The board should be at the device hand out sites today, and seeing the ongoing mess first hand. MISD parents – the superintendent and the board need to be held accountable. The schools aren’t ready for us either. My daughter has no schedule yet – for classes starting tomorrow. Pray for the teachers and staff. This is a disaster.”

Other parents had questions about school supplies, hot spots, and if their student had been assigned logins to their issued devices. Mansfield ISD has a special called school board meeting tonight and parents are hoping the board can offer some additional guidance. Whether you’re in Mansfield ISD or another district, “patience” should be on everyone’s school supply list this year.