Roach Waste Closes Suddenly After 30 Years In Business

Screenshot of facebook post Roach Waste

Sudden Closure Leaves Local Residents Trash On Curbs

Red Oak- Many of us may take our trash collection company for granted. We put our trash cans out on the curb the night before pickup, and the next day its gone. And not everyone has a choice in their waste management company. So today, many residents were shocked when the owner of Roach Waste Company announced in a Facebook group, they were closing their business effective immediately.

Stephanie Roach shared the following this morning, “Our company, Roach Waste, has endured quite a lot of bashing on this site since social media has become so popular. As of today August 11, 2020 our company is no longer in business. We do not have the employees to continue. This is a decision that was not made hastily. Our level of service has been declining the past few years. It’s a shame you can not find people to work & do the job they are expected & paid well to do. It’s a very sad time for us & our Family. We have worked very hard over the years to do a good job for N. Ellis County.”

Many residents in Red Oak and Midlothian reacted with sadness and shock over the sudden news. Some customers commented they’d been with the company for over 20+ years without any issues. Others acknowledged that Roach had often gone out of their way both with their customers and their employees. Now the search is on for a new trash service for those that were with Roach Waste.

Good Help Is Hard To Find

Mrs. Roach continued with, “I know of not very many other businesses that have been going for 30+ years where the OWNERS are still doing the work. A big hurdle we had when we started was potential customers were afraid we would “sell out”. We did not sell out, so you can chose who you now want to use. I am not recommending any of the companies working locally right now, so good luck. REFUNDS, I will be starting on those today. I will start with our most trusting customers who had paid for the whole payment book & beyond. We have appreciated the great customers over the years, we still had some who started with us in 1989! Thank you!”

Some customers noted they just happened to hear about it on Facebook and were wondering why their trash had not been picked up. Mrs. Roach said they were working on a formal notice to their customers.