Grand Jury Does Not Indict In 2019 West Freeway Church Shooting


“Justified Under The Law”

(Fort Worth, TX) – A Tarrant County Grand Jury today decided to take no action against a church security officer who, on Dec. 29, 2019, shot a man who killed two parishioners inside the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement.

Keith Thomas Kinnunen went to the church that day and attended part of the church service. During the communion, he stood up and shot and killed Richard White and Anton Wallace.

Jack Wilson, the head of the volunteer security team for the church, fired one shot at Kinnunen, striking him in the head and killing him. There were approximately 262 congregants in the church at the time.

The church was live streaming the service and the shooting was captured on video.

“Today the Grand Jury in Tarrant County reviewed information related to that shooting and made the decision to take no action,” said Tim Rodgers, chief prosecutor for the Law Enforcement Incident team in the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office. “Most people are very familiar with the facts of that case. It was very widely publicized.

“Texas law allows an individual, when they witness somebody placing others at risk of serious bodily injury or death, to act with deadly force to protect the other individuals.

“Mr. Wilson did just that. He did it responsibly and, as a result, he was justified under the law in his actions,” Rodgers said.

“Based upon the Grand Jury’s decision, the law enforcement investigation and our review of the case are complete. We believe the Grand Jury made the right decision.”

The entire LEI team worked on this case. That includes Rodgers, assistant chief Sam Williams and criminal investigator Marvin “Mo” Brown.