Fort Worth ISD Gives Parents Options For 2020-2021

Fort Worth ISD 2020-2021

FWISD: Students Can Return To Class Or Virtual Learning

Fort Worth- Summer is in full swing, but many parents are wondering what fall looks like for their children? Fort Worth ISD has decided to give parents their choice. They can send their kids to school for in-person classes, or children can stay home and do virtual learning.

When school begins on August 17, parents may either send their students to campus or participate in an online learning environment. But first, they will make that decision starting July 1 when online enrollment begins.

“In May, we asked all stakeholders for their feedback,” said Superintendent Kent P. Scribner. “Their thoughtful responses informed our decision to provide quality options for every student and family and their particular needs.”

However, the virtual classroom experience will look very different than it did in the spring following the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. From the survey, 62% of parents thought the amount of schoolwork their student was assigned was just the right number of lessons.

“All Fort Worth ISD teachers will report to work at a school,” Dr. Scribner continued. “Whether they are teaching in-person or online — or both –they will do so from a classroom setting and engage over the course of a usual school day.”

Online Learning Will Be More Robust

The online learning experience will be much more robust, reflecting new professional training. There will be higher expectations for both educators and students. Simultaneously, in person instruction will follow strict guidelines to protect the health and safety of everyone in a campus setting.

The District surveyed parents, students, employees, and community members about their feelings regarding online instruction and a modified return to campus as well as the academic calendar. Almost 35,000 people responded to the survey. Of that number, 52% said they preferred the traditional school calendar this fall. A plan for a split-day schedule at school was not as popular with the respondents.

Concerns Expressed By Parents, Students & Staff Include:

  • Elementary students top concerns include: fears of getting sick, other students not practicing social distancing, and adapting back into the school environment.
  • Secondary students also expressed fears of becoming sick, concerns of being behind in their classes and their school being properly cleaned. Both groups needs are to know that schools are being properly cleaned and social distancing practices are enforced.
  • Parents and Guardians are concerned about the availability of safety materials such as PPE. They worry public health regulations are not being followed, and schools are not being properly disinfected. They want to be assured school areas are sanitized properly with the availability of cleaning supplies when needed. Also, assurance that appropriate school procedures are in place to keep their student safe and require symptoms checks.
  • School and District staff are concerned with the availability of disinfecting materials, returning to school and buildings too early, and having in-person interactions with others. They want to be assured they will have access to disinfecting supplies, that work spaces are cleaned and sanitized daily, and health and safety procedures are followed.

Complete details about the survey are available on the Fort Worth ISD website.

Additional details about both online and in-person instruction will be shared in coming days.