Ellis County Judge Todd Little Talks Upcoming Election and COVID

Judge Todd Little headshot
Photo courtesy Todd Little

Judge Little Runs For Reelection, Discusses Accomplishments

*Editor’s Note: We spoke with both candidates about their run for the County Judge seat, you can read his opponent’s article on our site.

Ellis County – Ellis County Judge Todd Little is hoping to keep his seat in the March Republican Primary against former Ellis County Sheriff Chuck Edge.

Little took the County Judge seat three years ago after County Judge Carol Bush left. Prior to that he was the Mayor in Red Oak for six years, where he still lives.

Edge, out of Milford, was most recently the Ellis County Sheriff appointed in 2017 to finish the term of Johnny Brown who resigned.

With COVID-19 on everyone’s mind these days, Little answered a few questions about the pandemic and the decisions that fall on the county judge to keep residents safe.

He said first of all he will continue to be transparent and added “I will not be a part of a fear campaign as it relates to our community.”

He said he will present facts that are to be assessed and scrutinized.

“I believe our citizens are strong and have endured much as it relates to the virus including the loss of many loved ones. I believe medical decisions are best left between the patient and their doctor. However, I will do whatever I can to assist our citizens in gaining access to resources including therapeutics, supplies, PPE or staffing as it relates to their medical care.”

Little said he believes it is important to protect the constitutional rights of citizens, which means defining roles of government in the Constitution to “protect the health, welfare and public safety.”

He said moving forward he definitely wants residents to know he does not expect to see many changes to the County’s response as to what is already being done regarding COVID-19. Those responses include a partnership with the City of Ferris on the testing, vaccine and therapeutic infusion center in that city.

Little said, to date there have been over 2,500 citizens that have received monoclonal antibodies. He attributes recent decline in number of hospitalizations to the center in Ferris.

In addition, he said the Ellis County Emergency Management team has also partnered with hospitals and medical practitioners to provide the highest levels of care.

“The virus will continue to run its course and weaken over time,” Little said. “We will always make decisions in Ellis County with the consideration of personal liberties and medical choices. We have made it through the toughest days and are looking forward to healthy days ahead.”

Highlighting Wins

Little also highlighted a few of his wins during this past term. “As judge I have always supported law enforcement to uphold the ‘rule of law’ in Ellis County. We didn’t defund the police in Ellis County, we funded more resources. This is evidenced by the newly implemented Sheriff Step-Pay Plan instituted in 2020 budget, this provides for Ellis County to retain and recruit the most highly trained deputies.”

Discussing other accomplishments he also mentioned a sheriff department vehicle lease replacement program, his defending the 2nd amendment right to carry; his protecting the rights of the unborn making Ellis County a Sanctuary County for the Unborn. Furthermore, his push back against federal overreach including mask and vaccine mandates. As the budget officer, he said he has supported a lowering of the tax rate for three consecutive budget years including the no-new revenue tax rate in FY 2021-22.

Plus, there was also a Reopen Texas rally and a 25- year strategic plan for facility needs’ assessments in various departments. Finally, he added he “gave back the unethical $70,000 County Judge pay raise as promised.”

Little has over 30 years in small business experience and is a third-generation Ellis County citizen.

“Being County Judge the last three years has been one the most challenging things I’ve ever done, however, one of the most rewarding,” Little concluded. “The relationships, the people, the ideas we have shared have changed me for the better. It’s what makes American democracy great. If I am re-elected, I will apply the same hard work and dedication to the job as in my first term. There will always be wins and losses, but I will pledge to never give up. I will fight for our citizens’ liberties, their history, their present and their future.”

Early voting in Ellis County runs from February 14-20, 22-25 with Elections Day March 1, 2022.