Richard Rozier Announces His Run For Ellis County Tax Assessor Collector

Two men with a woman signing document
Ellis County Judge Todd Little signs new tax assessor Richard Rozier's oath of office March 2021. Photo courtesy of Ellis County Public Information Office.

Conservative Republican Richard Rozier has announced today he is running to be the elected Ellis County Tax Assessor Collector in the Republican primary election March 1st, 2022.

The Ellis County businessman and community leader was approached by county leaders last March to consider putting his name forward to replace the retiring John Bridges. After prayerful consideration with his wife and family, Richard decided to offer his service to the county. Shortly thereafter, the County Commissioners appointed Richard to fill the unexpired term. He assumed the duties of Ellis County Tax Assessor-Collector on March 23, 2021.

Since assuming the role of Ellis County Tax Assessor-Collector, Richard has worked diligently along with the Commissioner’s Court, the County Auditor, other county offices and the Tax Office staff to provide the best service possible to the Ellis County Taxpayers. Working together the Tax Office adopted the following mission statement:

“To provide a level of integrity and service to the community that exceeds expectations because Ellis County deserves Excellence”

The Tax Assessor-Collector Office collects property tax for all the taxing entities in Ellis County: County, Cities, School Districts and Special Districts. The Tax Office does not set appraisal values or tax rates. They simply collect the tax imposed and distribute the funds to the proper entity. They also register and title all the vehicles in Ellis County: cars, trucks, trailers and RV’s.

As Ellis County Tax Assessor-Collector, Richard will continue to emphasize the very important pillars of Integrity and Service. The public should have a high-level confidence that their hard-earned Tax Dollars are being handled with the utmost integrity. No one wants to have to pay Tax, but we all do. The handling of that money, making sure every penny goes to the appropriate entity is a solemn responsibility, and should be treated as such. Richard will ensure that it is.

Serving the Taxpayer with customer service that surpasses expectations is one of Richard’s primary commitments. Taking full ownership of short comings and mistakes is now and will continue to be the policy of the Ellis County Tax Office under Richard’s direction. Having served in many leadership roles in government and nonprofit over many years, he believes that service to the community is a high calling.

Those who have the privilege to serve should do so with the interests of the people they serve first and foremost in their heart and mind. Seek to help people, not put roadblocks in the way. Richard believes strongly in the golden rule of treating other as you would want to be treated and in leading the staff to uphold that same standard.

“I look forward to campaigning throughout the county, sharing my vision for continued improvement in the Tax Office. But more importantly, I want to listen to ideas from the public about how we can improve the service to every taxpayer that calls Ellis County home. This is a great place to live, and I want to help make it even better,” he said.

A lifelong community volunteer, Richard serves as Chair of “The Heights Ellis County Family Resources”, a nonprofit work dedicated to assisting the victims of family violence. He the past Chair of the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce and served as President of Ellis County Emergency Service District #6. Previously Richard served as Mayor of the City of DeSoto and on the boards of the North Texas Commission, the North Central Texas Council of Governments, the Dallas Regional Mobility Coalition, and was instrumental in bringing the University of North Texas to Dallas, serving on the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee.

Richard and his wife Karen have been married 43 years and have one son, Daniel, daughter-in-law Kelly, and three grandchildren; Jeb, Caleb and Hannah who live in Ellis County. Rozier is the owner of an Ellis County-based public affairs and marketing firm, and Chairman of XIT Energy. Richard is also the co-owner of SWS, a solid waste consulting company.