Ferris Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Center Will Receive 400 Doses of Sotrovimab

doctor at counter
Photo courtesy City of Ferris

More Sotrovimab Headed to Ferris Antibody Treatment Center

FERRIS – The City of Ferris in conjunction with Ellis County and MDLabTX just learned it will be receiving nearly 400 doses of the monoclonal antibody, Sotrovimab. This is great news given that Ellis County currently has 31 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 and approximately 977 active cases. (active cases thought to be higher but reporting is delayed due to the holidays)

The Sotrovimab antibody has been touted by the federal government as the “new monoclonal antibody” that will combat the most recent COVID-19 Omicron variant with more efficacy than the Delta variant Regeneron monoclonal antibody.

Until this week, the Ferris Treatment Center had been utilizing Regeneron in the battle against COVID-19. However, earlier this week the US Department of Health & Human Services blindsided healthcare workers and officials in multiple states and local governments after hastily announcing that the federal government would be changing how the COVID-19 monoclonal antibody (Regeneron) treatment was distributed.

Largest Shipment In Area

City Manager Brooks Williams celebrated the shipment of the 400 doses to Ferris’ Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Center. He also added this was the largest shipment being sent to Ellis and surrounding counties.

“This is a monumental win for the City of Ferris, Ellis County, and the geographical area we serve,” Williams said. “There is no way this would be possible without the coordination and teamwork that has taken place between the City of Ferris, Ellis County, MDLabTX, AMR, CareFlite, Baylor Scott & White – Waxahachie, MedLine, Gotham, and all those who advocated on our behalf.”

Williams said Dr. John Hellerstedt with the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) shared with him on Monday “…you and your team have left no stone unturned in your efforts to benefit your community.” Williams continued by saying, “We are seeing that effort pay off and I am eternally grateful.”

Sotrovimab is FDA approved for intravenous (IV) administration, but unlike Regeneron is not approved for intramuscular administration. Administering Sotrovimab will require a greater amount of time for the patient and staff and requires IV supplies to be able to administer the drug.

Appointments are Required & Will Be Limited

With limited doses and supplies, staff asks for everyone’s patience as the Center ramps up operations for the treatment. Scheduling for the treatment will be done through www.MDLABTX.com, however appointments will be limited as they await shipments to replenish supplies and Sotrovimab from the Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM) and the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

Notification of appointment availability will be made on www.MDLABTX.com and should begin as early as next week.

“Please remain patient as we walk down this path – this is a transition for us and we are working with limited resources,’ Williams concluded. “We are blessed to have the resources that we do and each person in Ferris and Ellis County should be proud of the work that has been done. Staff from the City of Ferris, MDLabTX, Ellis County Judge Todd Little’s Office, Congressman Jake Ellzey’s Office, State Representative Brian Harrison’s Office, Chief Nim Kidd’s Office, Commissioner Hellerstedt’s Office, and more helped in this effort. To everyone – thank you.”