Brad Norman “Law Enforcement Should Serve Their Public, Not Rule Over Them”

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Sheriff Edge’s Opponent Shares His Stance On Enforcement of Mask Mandate

Last night Ellis County Sheriff Chuck Edge shared his stance on Governor Abbott’s executive order requiring Texans to wear masks in public. This evening his opponent, Brad Norman, shared his stance on Facebook.

People have been asking my stance about the latest Order from Governor Abbott. Well, here it is. I am a lawman. I believe in the law and I believe in the fair and equal enforcement of the law. I also believe no society will tolerate 100 percent total enforcement of all laws all of the time. That is exactly why law enforcement has its discretion and the courts have recognized the value of that discretion.

I wake up every morning with the goal of keeping people safe. Traditionally, the police are allowed to do this by enforcing laws enacted by representatives elected by the very people we are trying to keep safe. Meaning, law enforcement should strive to serve their public, not rule over them. This pandemic continues to redefine what it means to keep people safe, and I know some very divisive issues have surfaced as a result. Those issues will get resolved in the courts, but until they do, it is the job of law enforcement to keep people safe.

My Daddy taught me to never say never and never say always when solving problems. Facts and circumstances change and to solve problems we have to be willing to adapt and even change. I think the latest Order from Governor Abbott is government overreach and very well may infringe on the US Constitution, but I also see a need to have an order in place which prohibits people from contaminating the produce section at HEB if someone should choose to go to the store while they are sick.

The bottom line is this. I believe We the People should have the individual freedoms to decide whether to wear a mask or not. Businesses should be able to decide if they want to prohibit people from entering their place of business with a mask, or not. But mostly, I am grateful there is an Order in place which would give me the option to deal with the most egregious violators who are being reckless with their interactions in public. Granny Smith doesn’t deserve a ticket for forgetting to put on her mask before getting out of her car, but if a group from Wuhan China decided to open a kissing booth, I’m glad I have the option to enforce the Governor’s Order to stop that behavior.

I worry about not prioritizing public safety during this time will result in the closure of the economy, continued hardships for our small business owners, increases in unemployment, and prolonged issues for all of us. Let’s take care of one another and be responsible.

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So, the polls will open again next week for early voting and the residents of Ellis County can choose between Sheriff Edge or Brad Norman. Regardless of your choice, don’t forget to vote!