Disturbing The Peace A Modern Western

Disturbing the Peace film review
Disturbing the Peace

If you are a fan of that cool Australian actor Guy Pearce, like me, then you’ll enjoy “Disturbing the Peace.” But even big Pearce fans (Jack Irish anyone?) may find this Momentum Pictures release slow going.

The plot of “Disturbing the Peace” is pretty predictable, with some stilted dialogue. Several of the actors (with the exception of our Guy) appear to have just wandered onto the set by accident. But if you love Westerns, then you might want to cut them some slack. Hollywood doesn’t make many Westerns any more. Especially those set in Texas.

Guy plays a former Texas Ranger who turns in his badge to take a Marshall’s job in a small rural town in the middle of nowhere. He vowed never to pick up a gun again after he accidentally killed his partner.

Bad Guys Never Win in Westerns

Of course, we all know Guy’s going to have to shoot a gun in this movie. Sure enough, a heinous gang of outlaws (with names like Diablo, Shovelhead, and Dirty Bob) ride into the sleepy little town on big motorcycles. After pulling off a violent armored car and bank robbery, they hold the town hostage. That leaves Guy and his young deputy to strap on their guns and rescue everyone.

Now the Marshall is not married, but he’s sweet on a lovely lady (Barbie Blank). She owns the town’s café. Their relationship doesn’t seem to be progressing very fast, though. It reminded me of Matt Dillon’s with Miss Kitty on “Gunsmoke.” The only clue they might be an item is when she asks him to come out to the ranch. She needs him to exercise the horses with her since “they’re getting antsy.”

The action/adventure film is rated R for violence and language, but definitely not for any “romance.” Written by Chuck Hustmyre and directed by York Alec Shackleton. A limited run opened Jan. 17. “Disturbing the Peace” runs 100 minutes. It is also available on disc and streaming platforms.