Dallas County Judge Jenkins Shuts Down Hobby Lobby

Jenkins shuts down hobby lobby

Hobby Lobby Is Not An Essential Business, Regardless Of What They Say

Its safe to say the majority of us are new to “stay home, stay safe” orders. As we adapt we continue to learn what’s considered an “essential business”. But it seems some businesses have decided to label themselves essential regardless of what their state or county order designates.

Tonight during the Dallas County press conference, Judge Clay Jenkins called out Hobby Lobby. “Someone who is not a hero and who I want to call out specifically, and I’ll be calling out others like this… is the corporation Hobby Lobby,” said Jenkins.

He said, “It’s a slap in the face to the businesses that are following this order that a few outliers are putting this community in danger.” The Judge emphasized now is not the time to put profits over public health.

For over a week, many have been calling out Hobby Lobby on social media for remaining open despite putting their employees at risk. Reactions have ranged from pleading for the company to do the right thing to anger.

Comments taken from Hobby Lobby’s Facebook page:

“Please consider closing your stores and help flatten the curve. It is not worth risking the health and safety of your employees, customers, and beyond. This is an unprecedented life and death situation. Please do the right thing.”

“My family member works here and I am beyond mad. How dare you stay open and risk the the lives of our families. You have many older people working there that are in the high risk category and everyone should be home where our governor president and cdc said we should be. Our governor has said all non essential stores should be closed to protect people from this virus. I will not be shopping at hobby lobby from now on.”

If you know of other non-essential businesses open, Jenkins wants to know

Well Judge Jenkins warned managers and employees during tonight’s press conference, to lock the doors and leave now. Shortly afterwards, Dallas stores received cease and desist orders and were shut down.

Other states have also had to take action to shut down Hobby Lobby.