Cubii Wins 18th Annual Chicago Innovation Awards

Chicago Innovation Awards
Photo source: Cubii Facebook page

The Chicago Innovation Award recognizes Cubii’s innovative approach to exercise.

CHICAGO, Oct. 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cubii (Fitness Cubed, Inc), the maker of the compact seated elliptical that helps people stay active while sitting, received the main category award at the 18th annual Chicago Innovation Awards.

The Chicago Innovation Awards celebrate Chicago’s most innovative products and services. Among 450 nominations, Cubii received the award for The Cubii Pro, which offers accessible exercise to individuals whose lifestyles or physical limitations make it challenging or even impossible to engage in traditional forms of exercise.

“We are honored to be recognized among other Chicago companies that are positively impacting the lives of others,” said Arnav Dalmia, co-founder and CEO of Cubii. “This recognition speaks to our ability to create products that make exercise realistic for everyone, including those who might be dealing with injury, illness, or don’t have the ability to take part in traditional exercise methods.”

Cubii launched in 2014 to provide compact seated ellipticals for busy, desk-bound professionals wanting to stay active while sitting at work. Since then, the company has grown to include thousands of customers who otherwise lack an accessible or safe way to stay active, including people looking for their first step to becoming more active, patients recovering from surgery or rehabilitating after an injury, or those in search of ways to actively age through low-impact exercise.

Cubii has sold more than 250,000 units to date. Over the past three years, the company has tripled its employee headcount and seen revenue growth of 2,142%.

“The Chicago Innovation Award nominees generated over $13.9 billion in new revenues from their new products and services, along with the creation of 1001 patents,” said Luke Tanen, Executive Director of the Chicago Innovation Awards. “The 25 winners represent the best from this very impressive group.”

The winning organizations receive a variety of honors including the opportunity to ring the Nasdaq Bell in New York City, and meetings with the Mayor of Chicago, Governor of Illinois, Cook County President, and leaders from the United Nations.

About Cubii
Cubii makes wellness approachable for all ages, abilities, and lifestyles by creating beautiful products that seamlessly integrate into users’ everyday lives. Cubii’s compact seated ellipticals provide Bluetooth-connected, low-impact exercise so individuals can stay active at their own pace, in their own place. For more info, visit

About Chicago Innovation Awards
Chicago Innovation was established in 2002 as the Chicago Innovation Awards, an annual ceremony to celebrate the most innovative products and services in the Chicago region. The organization has evolved into a year-round series of events and activities designed to educate, connect and celebrate innovators in the Chicago region.