Covid-19 Guidelines For Dallas Extended


Dallas County Judge Extends COVID-19 Guidelines

Dallas Judge Clay Jenkins held a press conference at 6 p.m. Wednesday. He said he will be asking commissioners to extend the guidelines that were to expire on Friday for another 30 days. He added that there would be some minor changes to those guidelines.

Guidelines will now distinguish between community gatherings and recreational gatherings. He noted that a backyard gathering such as a bar-b-que or something similar would be held to 10 or fewer people. Community gatherings will be held to 50 or fewer. He told citizens to call 2-1-1 if they saw that these guidelines were being violated. He said penalties for disregarding these guidelines could lead to a fine and a jail term of six months.

There had been limits on times groceries and other goods could be delivered. Under the new guidelines, trucks delivering groceries and other needed items are free to deliver without time limits. He said citizens could expect to hear and see delivery trucks at times when they have not been accustomed to seeing them.

Justices of peace will be ordered to suspend all evictions for at least 60 days to prevent spread of Covid-19. He said this is not a time we want people homeless and put on the street. He re-iterated that gyms are to close. However, outside facilities such as golf courses and tennis courts could remain open. But clubhouses, bars and restaurants inside those facilities must remain closed.

In discussing Texas overall, Jenkins said Governor Abbott was now catching up with Dallas, Harris, Bexar, and Travis counties in terms of restricting activities. He said this is important because “we’re seeing rapid community spread and must act aggressively”

The Judge looked stressed and tired, as he remarked that he’s lost sleep and been praying about some of the decisions they are having to make to slow the spread.