Charges Pending On Two Persons of Interest Involving Severe Animal Cruelty in Grand Prairie

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Over 300 animals were seized when a cockfighting ring was disrupted earlier this week in Grand Prairie Photo courtesy Animal Investigation and Response

GRAND PRAIRIE – A cockfighting operation was disrupted earlier this week thanks to Grand Prairie Animal Services, Grand Prairie Police Detectives, and the non-profit organization Animal Investigation and Response.

Nearly 300 live animals will avoid cruel treatment and ultimately death thanks to the discovery of hundreds of animals including adult roosters, hens, and chicks suspected of being bred to fight in the 1400 block of Corral Road in Grand Prairie this past Tuesday.

The animals have been placed at a number of facilities including Tri-City Animal Shelter.

“Since Grand Prairie Animal Services joined the Grand Prairie Police Family, I’ve taken a huge interest in protecting the vulnerable animals in our community and holding those who aim to harm them accountable for their actions,” said Grand Prairie Police Detective Bodner. “It’s a source of pride, and I’m very happy with the outcome of the investigation thus far.”

The search warrant was executed on the entire residence. The birds were housed outside.

While no arrests have been made, detectives are investigating evidence and charges are pending on two persons of interest. The case continues to be investigated by the Grand Prairie Police Department.

According to Animal Investigation and Response, it is believed the suspect(s) lost up to $500,000 in inventory after all the evidence and birds had been seized.

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Photo courtesy Animal Investigation and Response

Neighbor’s Complaint Led To Discovery of Cockfighting Operation

Additionally, Grand Prairie Detectives seized collections of gaffs and knives, which are commonly attached to the roosters during cockfights. Detectives also discovered cash, numerous medications, supplements, syringes, and other implements used to alter roosters into fighting birds.

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Photo courtesy Animal Investigation and Response

Police were initially alerted to the situation when a neighbor complained to Grand Prairie Animal Services who then contacted GPPD to see if a criminal element was involved.

According to authorities, the location where the seizure occurred appeared to be more of a breeding and training operation at the location where the warrant was served.

This type of activity is not something the City of Grand Prairie sees often. Furthermore, nothing of this magnitude has occurred in the recent past, according to Grand Prairie Police.

“I am proud to be part of such an exceptional team and work with our extended DFW community that values life in all shapes and sizes,” concluded Lily Yap, MBA, Grand Prairie Animal Services Division Manager.

Grand Prairie Animal Services officially transferred under the direction of the Grand Prairie Police Department in February 2021 to streamline the quality of services to community members.