Cedar Hill State Park Prescribed Burn

Cedar Hill State Park
Photo Source Grand Prairie Fire Department Facebook Page

Be Aware Cedar Hill State Park Prescribed Burn Nov. 18 & 19

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) staff plans to conduct a prescribed burn at Cedar Hill State Park tomorrow Monday, November 18, and Tuesday, November 19, 2019. . In the past, TPWD has done most of the burning over a one day period. However, due to the possible long open burn window coupled with burning some heavier woody species, they are going to stretch the burn out over a few days. This way, they can burn smaller units at a time to mitigate some of the heavy smoke. Because specific weather conditions are required to conduct an effective and safe prescribed burn, TPWD staff may call off the burn and/or push the burn to another day.

During the burn, there may be smoke that reduces visibility on neighboring roads. TPWD cautions travelers to reduce their speed and use their headlights when smoke is present. Automated signs will be present, as well as Park Rangers, to caution travelers in these areas.

Prescribed Burns Prevent Wildfires

Prescribed burns are used as a management tool in state parks to improve habitat for wildlife by restoring forest and prairie habitats on the park that were historically maintained by natural fires. They also are conducted to reduce the amount of available fuels, such as leaf litter, fallen branches, understory growth and dead trees that accumulate naturally and from storm events. By reducing the amount of available fuels, prescribed burns reduce the chance for a potentially destructive wildfire to occur.

Prescribed burns on state parks are conducted by TPWD personnel who have undergone training and met national wildland firefighting standards. Wind speed/direction, air temperature, relative humidity, and fuel moisture levels are all taken into account prior to and during a burn.

Cedar Hill is located 10 miles southwest of Dallas, four miles southeast of Grand Prairie, and three miles west of Cedar Hill and is accessible via FM 1382. The park is skirted by FM 1382 and Mansfield Road.

For more information regarding the planned burn, please contact the TPWD at 972-291-6505.