UPDATE BREAKING: Attempted Kidnapping In Midlothian

Attempted Kidnapping Midlothian

UPDATE MIDLOTHIAN, TEXAS: (19MP047810) Wednesday October 30, 2019 3:50pm

On Thursday October 24, 2019, the Midlothian Police Department responded to a report of an attempted abduction in the Kensington neighborhood adjacent to Walnut Grove Middle School. Over the course of the investigation, detectives found discrepancies in the statements made by the juvenile victim. Investigators reviewed security camera footage and the timeline of events did not support the original allegation. When questioned about the inconsistency of her statements, the reportee admitted that she fabricated the attempted abduction. Our investigators will coordinate with the Ellis County Juvenile District Attorney on any potential referral.

The Midlothian Police Department will vigorously investigate all claims of criminal activity in our city. While there is no indication of risk to the community associated with this case, we encourage citizens to be aware of their surroundings at all times and to report any suspicious activity observed in our neighborhoods.

Attempted Kidnapping In Kensington Subdivision

The Midlothian Police Department shared this on Nextdoor this evening.

Midlothian, TX: 19MP047810

Thursday October 24, 2019: The Midlothian Police Department is investigating a possible attempted abduction that occurred today at approximately 4:30pm. A female student from Walnut Grove Middle School was walking home in the Kensington subdivision.

She was walking west on Newgate St. and observed a black in color pickup truck, possibly a Toyota, pass her going east on Newgate St. She stated the black truck pulled over and an unknown subject in a dark or black hooded sweatshirt approached her from behind and grabbed her arm. She stated that she kicked backwards striking the subject in the groin area and heard a “grunt” that sounded like a male. The subject released the grip on her arm, she ran from the subject, ending up back at Walnut Grove Middle School where she told another student what happened, and notified the Assistant Principal.

No other identifying information on the subject or truck. Anyone with information or who observed the black truck in the neighborhood is encouraged to contact the Midlothian Police Department.

Letter From MISD

Dear MISD Parents:

The safety and security of every student is a top priority and we feel it is necessary to share information that may not directly impact your child, but is important for us to provide as we partner together to keep our students safe.

This afternoon, a Walnut Grove Middle School student was walking home from school on Newgate Street in the Kensington Park subdivision when she recognized that a black truck, possibly a Honda, was following her and a male attempted to grab her. This student responded quickly by hitting the suspect and then running back to the school to report this incident. Immediately, the Midlothian Police Department (MPD) was contacted to begin their investigation. If anyone saw this incident or has information about it, please contact the MPD. Additionally, there will be an increased police presence in the area.

We encourage you to visit with your children and remind them to always walk home with a friend, be aware of their surroundings, know where to go to get help and most importantly to fight back or scream if a stranger tries to grab them. While these conversations are difficult to have, they are incredibly important. This Walnut Grove Middle School student did exactly what we want to teach our children to do if they are ever faced with this type of situation.