AMC Theatres Reopen In Waves Beginning July 15

AMC theatres reopen

UPDATE: 6/19/2020 1:00 PM

As a result of a “wave” of backlash from customers criticizing AMC Theatres for not requiring masks, AMC reverses their previous decision. Now, all guests will be required to wear masks at ALL AMC Theatres.

Summer is usually when blockbuster movies hit the big screens and families fill the seats seeking relief from the heat. With COVID-19 coming out of nowhere like a villain in a suspense film, many national theatre chains have remain closed. Today, AMC Theatres announced they’ll open their doors in waves which start on July 15, 2020.

How will the movie experience at AMC be different?

AMC, AMC DINE-IN™ and AMC CLASSIC® auditoriums will limit capacity to 30% or less, depending on municipality guidelines. In auditoriums with traditional seating, every other row is blocked off for your safety. In all auditoriums, including those wider AMC Signature Recliners, AMC asks you to leave an empty seat between yourself and other guests.

If you are uncomfortable in your seat, when the movie starts AMC says feel free to move to another socially distant seat, or see an associate for assistance or a refund. There will be signage reminding you to socially distance during your visit.

Enhanced Cleaning Procedures-More Than a Quick Sweep of the Aisles

Throughout the day common areas and high touch points will be routinely disinfected. Extra time is built in between movies, so the theatre can be cleaned thoroughly between each showtime.

Electrostatic disinfectant sprayers and vacuums with HEPA filters will now be used throughout the building. Also, HVAC filters have been upgraded to MERV 13 wherever possible.

What About the Long Lines at Concessions?

In an effort to reduce crowds and long lines, selections will be temporarily reduced for quicker service. You will still be able to enjoy AMC Perfectly Popcorn™, Coca-Cola® Freestyle drinks and other classic movie treats.

However, for now, forget about the large popcorn and large fountain drink refills. And you’ll have to request napkins, lids, straws and condiments. Oh and cash is not welcome, make sure you have alternate ways to pay.

While associates will be required to wear masks, AMC is not requiring customers to wear them unless there’s a local requirement.

AMC theatres reopen
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