2021 Top 10 Most Popular News Stories

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Local news was front and center in 2021 for Texans, especially when the historic winter storm hit and our area experienced power outages, water restrictions, traffic accidents and more. If you want to read more details of any of the top ten, just click on the headline for the full story.

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Number 10: 2021 Readers Choice Awards

Readers voted in record numbers in our 2021 Focus Daily News Readers Choice Awards and our winners announcement was our 10th most popular story in 2021 (shared over 4600 times). We’re excited to grow our participation in 2022. If you missed the winners in 2021, check out the story and go visit some of these local businesses. Best of the Southwest is a really big deal!

Number 9: DeSoto Police Investigate Deadly Shooting This Morning

On November 5, 2021, DeSoto Police responded to 9-1-1 calls of shots fired at this location at approximately 6:20 AM Friday and found a wounded man, later identified as 22- year old Kristian Tyerone Smith lying on the pavement outside of the home on the 700 block of Eldorado Drive while another, 25-year-old Wendon Lekeith Blair, was found wounded and unresponsive in the interior of the home and was later pronounced dead.

Number 8: The Christmas Tree Village That Went Viral

We shared this story about a Midlothian couple’s Christmas tree village creation that went viral in December of 2019. Our readers love Christmas and this continues to be one of our most popular stories. The McDonald’s continue to sell a PDF version which shows others how to make a Christmas tree village of their own.

Number 7: Chicken ‘N Pickle Grand Prairie Restaurant/Entertainment Destination

Pickleball is the hottest new sport across the country, and Texans are looking for places to learn and play. Chicken ‘N Pickle opened in Grand Prairie on December 26 and is accepting reservations for courts. They also offer paddle and ball rentals. Check their website for upcoming events and pickleball clinics.

Number 6: Midlothian Police Department Embroiled In Arrest Controversy

It was around 2:30 a.m. on March 12 when the Mansfield Police Department contacted the Midlothian Police Department about a reckless driver heading that way.

The 21-year-old driver was in a red Jeep, and as it turned out, was the daughter of a Midlothian Police Commander.

Number 5: DeSoto Police Arrest Suspect In Last Saturday’s Fatal Shooting

Less than a week after two Midlothian residents were shot in DeSoto, Police arrested the suspect in Arizona. Evan McMaryion, 19, was arrested in Arizona, while operating a stolen vehicle which was stolen from DeSoto, TX.

Number 4: National TikTok Challenge Puts Schools On Alert For Friday

In 2021 the social media channel TikTok was at the center of many news stories, several of them involving schools. The Friday before winter break, TikTok dominated the headlines across the country as schools worked to address a national threat of violence.

Number 3: Free Back to School Supplies for Every Child in America

School supplies are expensive for one child, but for families with several back to school can drain the wallet. Ibotta’s “Back to School FREE for All” program gave students a free bundle of backpack and lunchbox staples to help ease the financial burden for families heading into the 2021-2022 school year.

Number 2: Afternoon Power Update From ONCOR & Abbott 

In February when a historical winter storm hit Texas, rolling blackouts were supposed to help the grid keep up with unprecedented demand. Unfortunately blackouts that were supposed to last a few hours, lasted for days and even weeks for some Texans. This story provided readers with an update from ONCOR and the Governor.

And for our number one most popular story in 2021….

Number 1: Grand Prairie Power Outage Update

Again the winter storm drove the news in 2021, and Grand Prairie residents were seeking information on when over 10,000 of them could expect their power to be restored. Low temps created numerous issues like low water pressure, burst pipes, residents that relied on power for medical devices were left to seek shelter outside of their homes.