Which Stores Are Requiring Shoppers To Wear A Mask?

shopper wearing face masks
Shopper and associate wearing face masks Photo Courtesy of Sam's Club

Many Restaurants & Retail Stores Announce New Requirements of Face Masks

There are currently 36 states requiring residents to wear a mask in public. On July 2nd, Governor Abbott introduced a mask mandate for the state of Texas, and since then there’s been a lot of pushback from residents, business owners and law enforcement. Also, across the country there are numerous reports of fights breaking out over “mask enforcement”.

Whether you are for or against masks, many corporations and major stores are struggling to retain their employees. The issue: keeping employees from getting ill AND avoiding having to close the store/restaurant for cleaning after an employee tests positive. Not to mention rumors of a positive employee having a negative impact on customer traffic and sales.

All it takes is for someone to post, “why is Walgreens/Starbucks/Insert any store closed?”, and one of the guesses/rumors is always “someone tested positive for COVID-19.” But, what if the store closed because a water main broke? What if their computers crashed? An unconfirmed rumor that “someone tested positive” can ripple through a community and reduce sales at a location for days or weeks.

So, how does a company protect their employees? Many corporations realize whether a state has a mask mandate or not, they must protect their customers and their employees. Stores don’t want confrontations involving employees and customers, but they also want healthy, happy employees so they can continue to stay open.

Stores With Face Covering Requirements

    • Aldi-The health and safety of our employees, customers and the communities we serve will always be our highest priority. With that focus in mind, effective July 27, face coverings will be required to enter ALDI stores.
    • American Eagle- In an effort to help keep our associates and customers safe, we require masks or facial coverings at all times when shopping in our AE and Aerie stores. Face masks are available to any customer that may need one.
    • Apple- The retail store started requiring masks in May. Face coverings will be required for all of our teams and customers. We will provide them to customers who don’t bring their own.
    • Best Buy- went into effect July 15, The safety of our customers and employees is a priority. Everyone is required to wear a face covering so we can help protect each other. We will supply a face covering if you don’t have one. Small children and those unable to wear one for health reasons may enter without one.
    • Costco- On May 4, Costco CEO announced all Costco members and guests must wear a face covering that covers the mouth and nose, at all times while at Costco.
    • CVS-“We’re joining others in taking the next step and requiring all customers to wear face coverings,” CVS tweeted Thursday. The policy goes into effect Monday, July 20.
    • Dollar Treewent into effect on July 8, In accordance with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we are requiring all Associates and vendors to wear face coverings when inside our stores. We also request that our customers wear face coverings, and require face coverings where required by state or local ordinance.
    • H-E-B- Effective Wednesday, July 1, H-E-B will be requiring masks in all stores company wide
    • Home DepotThe Home Depot today announced that shoppers will be required to wear masks or facial coverings while inside all U.S. stores, beginning Wednesday, July 22. Small children or those who have a valid medical condition will not be required to wear a mask.
    • Kohl’s- Beginning Monday, July 20, we will require all customers to wear a face covering while shopping in our stores. This mask requirement does not apply to individuals unable to wear a mask for medical reasons.
Kohl's Associate wearing PPE
Kohl’s Associate wearing PPE Photo credit: Kohl’s
    • Kroger- Mask requirement begins on July 22.
    • Lowe’s- nationwide standard for all customers to wear masks or face coverings when shopping in U.S. stores effective July 20. Lowe’s will offer free masks at the customer service desk of every store for customers who need them, while supplies last.
    • Panera- As of July 15, Panera is requiring masks in their Bakery-Cafes.
    • Petco-Petco mask policy
    • Sam’s Club Nationwide requirement on July 20
    • Starbucks- Effective July 15, Starbucks will be requiring customers to wear facial coverings while visiting all company-owned café locations in the US.
Starbucks drive-thru facemasks
Starbucks drive-thru customer & employee wearing facemasks
  • Target- Effective on August 1 “This builds on the more than 80% of our stores that already require guests to wear face coverings due to local and state regulations,” it said. Target said it would provide disposable masks at entrances to customers who don’t have one.
  • Trader Joe’s- We request all customers wear a face covering while shopping in our stores.
  • VerizonCustomers are required to wear cloth face coverings.
  • Walgreens- “We support the new CDC guidance that urges the use of face covers to help prevent the spread of COVID-19,” said Kevin Ban, Walgreens chief medical officer. “As cases continue to rise in many parts of the country, it’s critical we, as businesses and members of the community, do everything we can.”
  • Walmart- Nationwide requirement on July 20
  • Whole Foods- We are requesting that all customers wear masks while shopping in our stores. This will protect the health and safety of our team members and communities.

Remember the CDC recommends wearing face coverings to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We reviewed several face masks for children and adults to help you find a face mask that meets your needs.