Red Oak ISD Employee Tests Positive For COVID-19

Red Oak ISD positive COVID-19

This afternoon while “surfing Facebook” we saw someone post that a staff member at Red Oak ISD had tested positive for COVID-19. We will not report on information like that without verifying it first. We searched the ROISD website and could not find any information. Someone emailed us this letter they received from ROSID Superintendent Brenda Sanford.

March 31, 2020

Red Oak ISD Hawks,

As always, the health and safety of our students, staff, and community members is our number one priority. To be transparent, we feel it is important to share some news. Red Oak ISD has been recently informed by an employee of the district that they have tested positive for the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We believe the individual contracted the virus through community exposure, as they have not traveled to high-exposure countries or states. They were only on the campus briefly and were not and are not involved in handing out or preparing meals or paper packets, passing out computers, or any campus ‘parades.’

The employee has been in contact with the area health department. Based on the health department’s risk assessment, they will contact individuals and give them instructions. If you do not get contacted by the health department, you did not come in contact with the individual. Due to privacy laws, and to protect all individuals, we will not release names or work locations of individuals. Any staff member diagnosed, must have a negative test before returning to work. We do wish for you to keep this individual and their family, and all those being impacted, in your thoughts and prayers.

Just as the state, county, and city are ramping up safety measures, ROISD is looking at additional measures to reduce person-to-person relations. Starting later this week we will go to two meal distribution days a week. We are also researching instructional packet distribution by email instead of manual distribution. You will be receiving news on this soon. Finally, we are limiting employee campus access to vitally essential staff and increasing cleaning of any areas utilized by staff.

We continue to encourage individuals to ask themselves four questions daily. If you answer yes to any of the questions, stay at home and shelter away from all others.

Do you feel sick?
Do you have symptoms – fever, cough, shortness of breath?
Have you been in contact with someone diagnosed or with symptoms?
Have you traveled to an area of high-exposure – China, Italy, New York, Washington State, Louisiana, etc.?

As for positive news, we distributed over 3,000 meals last week and right at 400 Chromebooks to families for use during this time. Huge thanks to the staff members working so hard to feed our kids and provide them with the resources to be successful. We are also excited about the beginning of our remote/distance learning program, and we feel confident it will improve daily through the teamwork of our teachers, staff, students, parents, and guardians.

We will continue to update all stakeholders to ensure information is communicated regularly. Please be safe and remain healthy by practicing social distancing, 20-second hand washing, and other safety measures. Thank you for your continued patience and support.


Brenda Sanford, Superintendent
Red Oak ISD

As of this evening, Ellis County is reporting 20 positive cases of COVID-19 and one death. Please stay home, stay safe.